Saturday, 20 June 2009

Agent Toure in Barcelona to close renewal deal

Asked about the contract renewal of Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivorian international Yaya Touré (26) (read more here), the player's agent Dimitri Seluk has said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that a deal is now very close:

"I have received the offer of Barça and it's coming quite close to what we want. Next week it can be a done deal. I've come to Barcelona to finalize the operation. I've talked with Txiki Begiristain and we're very close to an agreement. I hope it will be signed soon. I have the feeling there won't be any more problems."

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Anonymous said...

and what about Mascherano?If Yaya renew we'll have 3 players on that position,Busquets,Toure and Mascherano???

buj said...

Close but yet to be agreed upon. And again tommorrow he'll whine about how his side was willing to compromise but Txiki wouldn't budge.

I hope I'm wrong.

Flippy said...

Just because Yaya is getting a renewal and Mascherano is coming does not mean we are going to play Yaya as DM.

JR said...

Mascherano is not coming, for the moment there's nothing concrete there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, finally some good news!

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Touré is the best you can get as DM !
Lucky Barça doesn't make the mistake Real did a few years ago by selling Makelele!

Mascherano are just rumors like there are a lot of them these days.

If they can keep the team together its just fine!

I would only sell Eto'o because we need a player with more technical skills. Ibra is to expensive so we have to go for Robinho or Aguero !!!

eddiethegreat said...

finally at least a glimmer of good news..

ej said...


we should go for aguero aguero aguero

he is fast , moe technical than etoo , always good n important games , and he is friend with messi , and he is much younger than villa , and he cost us less , and if we decide to sell him in 3-4 years he will bring us at least 3X times more cash than villa (in 4 years villa 32 aguero 26 !!!!!!!!!)

We are not a sellng club but it doest mean that we should be clever in transfers and thin about future too !!!!!!!!!

Renew Toure is a must !!!!!!!!

pep said...

Calm down with those "!"'s, ej. Let's use three as a maximum. And don't leave so much space between your phrases. Thanks!

Marws said...

hehe :P

@ ej
Aguero cheaper than Villa? Not so sure about that. Atletico won't sell Aguero unless someone makes a crazy bid + Buying a young striker isn't good for Bojans growth.

Srry but Aguero isn't the answer for the Eto'o situation. I really hope Eto'o will come to his sences and agree with barcas offers. Otherwise Villa or Llorente. If we go for Llorente we will need to buy a good LW aswell.

About Mascherano, I hope we get him. When Yaya and Keita are gone he will be an important part of the team. Busquets isn't good enough yet too be our starter DM when Yaya is gone. Yaya can play as a CM. Whenever Iniesta covers for Henry at the LW-position we have Keita, Yaya and Busquets who can cover his place.

Anonymous said...

Marws: Busquets isn't good enough to be starter for 4-5 games when Yaya is away? Busquets sure is good enough. This Busquets-bashing needs to stop. Our midfield in the CL final and Copa final crushed the opposition.

Marws said...

In my opinion our young players have to fight for their place in the team just like anyone else. I they arn't good enough then they won't get to play. Busquets have potencial, but the first time I saw Busquets i didn't like him. The whole midfield slowed down whenever he got the ball. So far he hasn't improved enough. I hope he is ready to get a more important role in the next season, but I havn't seen him earning it.

I belveive that he can become a great player one day. I just don't think Busquets should get more responsibility than he can handle.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope Busquets can show me wrong next season.

Shayan said...

Toure is the best centre back in the world lol
I seriously hope they renew his contract at any cost. He's a beast and we must not let him leave.

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