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[2008] Possible next Barcelona president wants Aguero

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Spanish news site El Confidencial claims that Atlético Madrid forward and Argentinian international Sergio "Kun" Agüero (20) would join Barcelona if former Barcelona sports vice president Sandro Rosell would become the next Barcelona president.

If a vote of no confidence against the current Barcelona board succeeds in the beginning of July, there will be presidential elections later this summer. If Rosell is a candidate in those elections, he is the clear favourite to win it (read more here).

Rosell, who was the key figure in bringing Ronaldinho to Barcelona in the summer of 2003, thinks that Agüero will become one of the key players in the world in the coming years and would like to link him with his compatriot Lionel Messi.

Atlético Madrid is not willing to let their star player go but Rosell would be ready to pay the 55 million euro° buyout clause that is stipulated in the player's contract.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

55 million euro =
85 million us dollar
44 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Whatever your personal opinion is on Rosell, you have to admit that if Laporta continues flirting with the likes of Hleb, Trezequet, Mancini, etc. he is digging his own grave.

Laporta continues to make dubious decisions by pursuing strikers when there is a clear void at the left wing position. Furthermore the goalkeeping position hasn't been addressed with no suitable challenge to Valdes and a 32yr. old "wash up" as his backup. There is also a lack of a creative attacking midfielder to replace Deco. Perhaps Moutinho may solve that problem if he is signed. And Keita's signing is questionable at best. Keeping with a 4-3-3 formation I can't see how he and Toure could play on the same pitch?

fcbbb said...

Keita would be played higher up the pitch to bring more power and to use his good shot. I think it's a good option to have such a player in your team.

And you can't blame Laporta for every transfer. That's mainly the task of the Txiki and Guardiola.

Anonymous said...

That means Xavi or Iniesta would be benched. Not an ideal situation, espacially as we probably will sign another central midfielder. We just have to many of them.

Anonymous said...

ow yeah, Rosell rulez :D
he's thinking what I thinking
On each wing a Maradona :D


but if we can hold Dinho
would be the best attack ever

Anonymous said...

Laporta seems to be hanging on a last string if we are being assertive. Bring on Rosell. If he can bring Aguero, Villa, Moutinho and MOST IMPORTANTLY david Silva. Hes the man for Barca. Tbh C.Ronaldo is being such a cock at the moment i know he is incredibla if not unique but another bad attitude at barca will only create more of a problem than Dinho Deco and Eto'o combined.

Bring on Silva.......

Anonymous said...

I hope this is true! With the duo Messi-Aguero FCB wll be unstopable... Aguero, Silva and Moutinho! thats the 3 players we need so badly! I hope wll bring them all! FOrZA BARCA!

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

I wouls certainly like this. Laporta is acting this way because all the newspapers keep on nagging about dinho, eto'o, deco and when they finally leave they nag again. It' s not his fault the strikers are this expensive. David silva is NOT the next maradona. the man scores 3 goals a season as an attacker. don't get me wrong he is a good player. but he will not take every problem away. Aguero is a world class player, strength speed and agility. The defenders we've bought are really good. And too much central midfielder? Have you even watched barça games last year????? Hernanes needs a period to adapt and keita is a good alternative. mancini would also be a good transfer to take giovani's place.we're a little short on wingers you know

Bez said...

Los pequenos just got a little bit smaller... Can somebody stop Rossell from talking? Barca needs a real striker like Trezegoal, Berbatov, Villa or even better Ibrahimovic (and keep Eto). Now that the defense is getting improved also Valdes has to be challenged properly, which he isn't by Pinto (no matter how motivated he is, he still sucks)

Anonymous said...

Rosell is crazy!! 55 million ??????

nozzy said...

Barca should put Sergio Aguero as a top priority signing. He's young and dangerous!!


no team will stand a chance

Anonymous said...

PLEASE BRING SILVA TO BARCA!!! He is the one wich can replace ronnie, and he has got great attitued and profesinalissom! Thats what we need at Barcelona. Players like bojan, messi, silva and iniesta are down to earth guys who will do everything for the club, and not just fore themselves like for instanse eto'o.

Anonymous said...

if you think that laporta isn't a good president... u are all wrong...laporta loves to remain in his position because he loves his club...and he is going to sign Aguero for 55 million euros...so don't say stupid things for him...

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