Friday, 19 June 2009

Ashley Young another option for the left wing

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is interested in Aston Villa winger Ashley Young (23).

Because the transfer of Ribéry seems to have become unlikely, Young is reportedly one of the reserve options Barcelona was able to kept secret until now. Aston Villa could be asking 30 million euro° for the player.

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Watch a video of Young here:


pep said...

30 million euro =

42 million us dollar
25 million british pound

Koyya said...

No way..!!!
English players are always over rated!!!
Plzzz dont waste 30 million on him!!!

skanjos said...

from ribery to robinho to van persie to mata to malouda to ashley young

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

I would have to agree with Koyya. He is worth about 15...20 at best. Zhirkov is far better option. If you are willing to pay>30million for a player he better have crack potential. Zhirkov much better option.

I got a question though...ANy1 know if Villa can play LW? Can we just sign Villa and renew Eto'o and BAM

Anonymous said...

We'll end with Albert Luque, I know it.

InsiderKnowledge said...

Whats up Cules. Here is what we are currently working on. We are currently working on the renewals of Valdes and Yaya. We are currently working very hard to sure up the team and the choices have become quite clear. Unfortunately I have bad news for every 1 expecting Ribery. Bayern is increasing the amount they want for Ribery so he is currently out of the question. Same goes for Ibra. Our Targets are currently in this priority

1.) Villa
4.)Filipe Luis

The Eto'o situation is currently still being discussed

Visca Barca, Visca Culeros

Furymaker said...

This guy is good , he could play left wing , best young player in english premier league.But 20mil highest bid is what i would give for him , or maybe 20 +some1 on loan , he is worth that money.
But only if Ribery , Mata options fail.

sashi said...

gud to hear from u Insider! and Young has pace n got skills but 30 mil is waste... as je m'appelle said, 15-20 mil is enuf to get him. but i doubt he would leave England as he is trying to cement his position in the national team. hope we get Zhirkov. Chelsea are trying for Zhirkov or Young. hope we get either one for a kick ass deal.

Anurag said...

insider, i hope you really know something, coz what youre saying seems practical. is it true that real have given up on villa?

young is good, very very good. please dont bash him, if you havent seen him play as much as we here in india have to, the EPL being the most common league here. and from what i have seen, he is great. but 30 mill is a ****** up price tag, and makes no sense.

Carrer de Corsega said...

I haven't decided if I can trust this Insideknowledge guy yet or not, but I hope what he is saying is true. After all, this Madrid-caused-inflation is working out well because we are getting what we need not what we wish. And me thinking Insideknowledge is right, is another wishful thinking!

If you know what you are talking about, start going down the list. First, how is the Villa situation working out? Where is he leaning towards?

Then, please go ahead and elaborate on Zhirkov and the rest...

buj said...

I thought A'villa and Spurs already has a Huddlestone + Bentley/Young exchange deal. Anyway 30mil is overpriced even if he is promising. Doubt it will happen.

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

This sounds right. Can you elaborate on the Eto'o situation. It seems with all those signings that Eto must go to pick up those kind of players. That's easily 100 million euros

barca4life said...

Young is a great "young" player pardon the pun. LOL. He could be nice for our LW. Before what we saw last season who would have said 35 mill was expensive for dani alves

Justin said...

No way he can play for Barca. Pace, he has. Skill, not up to Barca's level. He can be an impact player for the last 20 minutes, may be. He is a typical English player with pace and ordinary technique. I rate him same level as Warcott (Don't care about the spelling), Lennon. He is way too expensive for who he is. Well, can't rule out he may improve but may play as a sub for at least a year to improve first.

SJP said...

h's a very, very good player, better than walcott or lennon, they only have pace, young has good technique, not quite bara standard but has potential to reach that under our guidance, but for the price he can't be an option, even given that that actual price will be less. excellant passer, but i hope he stays at villa as really like them and hope they break the monotony of EPL big four.

InsiderKnowledge said...

@Corcega and @Samuel I'd be happy to elaborate.

1.)Villa (Has expressed his desire to come to Barcelona on the outset. Despite the transfer rumors we have yet to submit a formal offer for Villa, Simply listening to Valencia's demands. It seems they want a proper market valuation in recent light of los blancos inflation. They are asking 55 million Euro Either all Cash or Cash + players that would compliment their existing team.

2.)Zhirkov (This situation is a lot less complicated. We have an agreement with the player and we are negotiation a transfer fee with Moscow. We bid 20 they Ask for 30 milllion Euro. We will probably fall somewhere in the high 20's.

3.)Mascherano (We have an agreement with player and agent. No formal offer has been made however; in my opinion this will probably be the hardest of the transfers, and of all the transfers I am most skeptical of this 1.

4.) Filipe Luis (Done deal they want us to increase transfer fee but well within a negotiable range)

@Samuel... In regards to Eto'o that is a very difficult situation to comment on as his motives are not clear, but this ultimately is pep's decision and I have complete faith he will make the proper decision as he did last summer.

I understand this can be frustrating times however remember We are the champions of the Copa, Champions of Spain, Champions of Europe, and soon to be Champions of the World. Visca Barca y Visca los Culeros del azulgrana

Anurag said...

insider - i dont want to sound rude, but who are you exactly?

buj said...

I doubt insider will reveal himself as that could mean the end of his job, and the end of his insider contribution.

Anonymous said...

i have a strange feeling that the insider is ramzi

Anurag said...

im beginning to think its laporta, after the number of things where he has been proved right. like the king doing the round of what his subjects are saying :D. lol, fanciful thinking i know.

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

Insider...WTF Bro...Can you help me get tickets for the clasico this year... Would be 4ever GR8ful

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