Tuesday, 16 June 2009

International: Euro under-21 has started

Brazil defeated yesterday Egypt 4-3 in the Confederations cup. Barcelona player Daniel Alves played the whole game.

Spain u-21 played yesterday their first game of the European championships u-21 and drew nil-all with Germany. Barcelona player Bojan Krkic started the game and was replaced ten minutes before the end.


Deniz said...

i was there and watched the game.. and i can tell you this, Bojan sucked :( but it wasn't his fault.. number 5 in germany was huge!! and he managed to control Bojan even though Bojan managed to show some moves now and then.. but still i'm amazed that there only is one barcelona player in the U21 team? don't we have the best youth players?

Filip said...

We HAVE to buy Asenjo!! He is going to be one of the best goalkeppers around. We should sell Valdes for 15mil and everybody is happy.

barca4life said...

Bojan didnt get good service yesterday, he was fed on scraps. he showed som signs of life but he wasnt at his best. Asenjo was great. Especially with that save with his feet after the striker went past him.

hieifcb said...

Who is that guy in Spain number 7? He's like as small as me =P
I liked Asenjo and Ozil in yesterdays match. 2 great talents.

jazzy said...

its U-21. this young players group age has to at least play be a sub or play regularly at their clubs.
our young talents in that group is just bojan. i dont know how old is busquet, but his in the main NT now.
and the others like thiago, jeffren, pedro, hasnt really prove in the league, they dont play as regularly as other u-21.
and there's also U-20 and U-18 i believe, and maybe you can see our canteras there.
but anyways, i dont really now about the players from the u-21s anyways :p

jazzy said...

and btw, RM has the best youth..
RM won, but i dont think their cantera w/ be able to break the first team. idk.
our cantera never really stood up in competitions and cups, but we do have the biggest talents.

E said...

@hieifcb: Thats Sisi, he plays for recreativo...

Only Bojan plays for the -21 from Barca. Piqué & Busquets just got promoted to the big guys...Jeffren has not been called up, and Mino is injured.

Former Barca player Chico (joined Almeria last year) played the whole game.

peter said...

No 5 in germany, Jérôme Boateng, was really great!

Ramen said...

Boateng... No wonder why Bojan didn't score. Fed on scraps + a very sharp defender = not a good game to play.

Cali Socis said...


Barca sent their Under-15 team to play in the Under 18 tournament. They lost to RM in the final, but one could assume that if Barca sent their Under 18 team, they would have won. It's almost laughable that the Barca Under 15 team got to the final and only lost 1-2. That's how good the Barca youth system is.

jazzy said...

thx Cali Socis.
thats good to know.. :)

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