Thursday, 18 June 2009

Chygrynskiy main defensive transfer target

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Shakhtar Donetsk central defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22) didn't want to enter the issue in an interview with Ukrainian newspaper Korrespondent:

"I don't want to comment on speculation. I'm at Shakhtar and this team is growing. I cannot say that this club isn’t good enough for me. We won the Uefa Cup! And we have higher ambitions. I don't say that we must win the Champions League but we want to do better than last season."

Catalan sports paper Sport meanwhile claims that Chygrynskiy is Barcelona's main defensive transfer target and that the club would be willing to make a bid of 15 million euro° for the Ukrainian centre-back (read more here).

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pep said...

15 million euro =

21 million us dollar
13 million british pound

skanjos said...

great player,i hope we secure the transfers of chygrynskiy and srna fast.

jordy said...

what a disappointing transfer period.
we would have only 35m to spend and we do it on another central defender?
We already have 8 of them(puyol,pique, marquez, caceres, milito,henrique,botia,muniesa) also abidal can play there, even toure and victor sanchez.. why the hell another central defender!

declex d naija catalan said...

he's young as well. will be great to pair him n pique

James said...


If you don't want another CB, fine. But stop saying we have 8. Milito is injured, Caceres is likely out on loan, Henrique is untested, Botia/Muniesa are division 3 CBs at this stage. We have 3 good CBs and one untested CB, 2 of whom are over 30.

Dan R said...

Don't be naive.
It's a rumor, and even if it's true you need to trust the management.
Maybe we are planning to offload Marquez to get Frey? Caceres to get Villa? Abidal out? who knows?

jordy said...

@ james
normally in milito would be back in october.. so when the russian guy is adapted to the oompetition and style. he'll be playing!caceres has a lot of potential and will return + is very young when you look at the future. henrique untested. he did well in germany. in my opinion a higher lever than the russian league.. so if he's untested so is the russian guy. 3 not enough? how many times did caceres play. I think botia and muniesa are up for that job too..certainly for copa matches for example. I also read it might be possible that one of them stays with the first team. they're likely to get felipe as well so it wouldn't be a problem to place abidal over there. we also have keita and busquets if toure would drop a line. I think we have other concerns than central defenders and a small budget to realise transfers. I think a left wing and even a striker are more urgent.As well as a central midfielder (but not a defensive one like mascherano)

Marws said...

Why would we buy another CB? Makes no sence. We have lots of CBs, and if we need another backup its smarter too only buy Filipe for the LB. When he plays as LB Abidal can play in the middle. Or if we buy Mascherano we can use Yaya as CB.

This is like everything else just rumors. But it is fun too read them though :)

James said...

'normally in milito would be back in october'

i'm pretty sure that's what we said last year.

'henrique did well in germany'

caceres did well in la liga before we bought him.

and no 3 is not enough if puyol is covering rb and lb and marquez/puyol are both over 30, and we're going to play 70 games next year if all goes well.

i'm not advocating to buy this guy. i think us having 8 playable CBs is not true. in reality we have 3 + 1 untested, which is what we had last year and we really, really struggled for depth.

inieeeeeeesta said...

you're absoluteloy right, james

i would like (now with all those rumours)

bruno saltor (freee! why waiting?)
zhirkov( probably won't happen- filipe luis is on the verge of signing but he can cover henry as well!)

masch (will be (too) expensive) or
melo, (please let there be cheaper options available as well- any suggestions?)

villa, villa, villa

inieeeeesta said...

and yes this guy too!!

jazzy said...

sorry to disappoint you. bruno saltor joined valencia.
i asked them and they say its already a done deal, despite other rumors..
and check out the villa report there..

hawk_barca_4_life said...

agreed with james we need sme versatile cb ...who can also play wide position

i want to hear atleast sme rumours abt zhirkov .. .p
lol that guy would defnitely fit in our system

eddiethegreat said...

do barcelona board have a thing for guys with big and tarzan-like haircuts? hahaha

seriously though, i think that a LB is much more needed than CB..

lebanese said...

Have you guys actually thought about that we might want to play Puyol as a backup right back and Marquez or Pique as backup DMs and that is why we want to bring in another central defender? Don't just say simple things like: "we already have central defenders, so we don't need it".

jordy said...

I don't believe the plan will be to play puyol as a RB defender. He's already 31.that's no future. I think henrique will play there more likely as a back up.I also don't think marquez will play midfield. like people say he's over 30.. I also like zhirkov for the left back position but i think he's expensive. I would never get him for an attacking position. placing alves on messi's position isn't a good option neither. Lebanese, last year we also said it when caceres was bought. 'we already have enough central defender'. and in the end he didn't play much. they even pulled toure a line back to play man u and bilbao..maybe barça better waites untill henrique trains with the squad.. If not keep caceres until december. the guy is versatile and strong. he only needs to learn the passing

barca4life said...

BREAKING NEWS: VALDES HAS RENEWED HIS CONTRACT TILL 2014 according to Sport and El Mundro deportivo

Anonymous said...

If we need to buy a CB and are going to spend some cash why not go for Simon Kjaer (Palermo) - young,tall,strong Dane who's destined to end up in a big European club. Real tried to sign him in 2007 but failed.

He's had a fabulous season in Serie A and has been called up to the Danish squad at the age of 20.

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