Saturday, 20 June 2009

Quote of the day: Domenech

Emotially speaking, I quite like Barça. My father is Catalan and I remember that when I was a little boy, he once took me to the Camp Nou. We were in the superior part of the stands. I was holding the trellis work and I had vertigo. I was afraid and I said to myself: "What are we doing here?" It's a childhood memory that has marked me. I don't only like the football club about Barcelona. I also love the city and the whole region.

Raymond Domenech, French national team coach


oblizete me po supku said...

mamu mu natakarim ...

Anonymous said...

Please don't ever apply as manager of the team

Marc4barca said...

i agree with anon just admire us from afar.

Anurag said...

lol yea, he is really stupid.

Anonymous said...

hi man
isee your blog
it is good
ii hope ypu give me
your opinion
on this
iwait your coment
thank you

R10FCB said...

try and talk ribery into signing for barca now

ej said...

somebody wat to have a laugh ?

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