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[2008] Adebayor main centre forward option

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Arsenal forward and Togo international Emmanuel Adebayor (24) is the Guardiola's first option to replace Samuel Eto'o as next season's centre forward (read more here).

The paper claims that sources close to the player say that the player would love to join Barcelona. The alternatives for Adebayor would be (in that order) Berbatov, Trezeguet and Gómez.

Italian newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport meanwhile claims that Barcelona is preparing a 30 million euro° bid for Adebayor. Barcelona sports vice president Marc Ingla confirmed the talks with Arsenal on Adebayor during an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

30 million euro =
47 million us dollar
24 million british pound

Anonymous said...

where is villa????unbelievable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

he is not good enough for barca, too expensive could get villa for a bit more.
berbatov is lazy sod who wont play for the team
gomez and trezeguet not good enough either, get villa or guiza

Anonymous said...

If you have to buy one of those four I would go for Mario Gomez. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod, just put in 10 more mils and buy Villa that is over 50 times better than Adebayor, or just keep Eto'o...

Anonymous said...

I thought Wenger was adamant about not selling Ade? Milan tried to approach them and he pretty much ripped them apart for doing so. So why would he then concede to sell Ade to Barcelona? would sound a bit hypocritical don't you think?

Ade's shot to goal scoring ratio isn't very good. He's not the skillfull striker that Barcelona fans are accustomed to. BUT, considering Pep's statement about a "complimentary" striker to Henry and Bojan Ade DOES make sense. He's tall, (can score on headers), physical (won't get knocked down so easily inside the 18), has a strong leg (can score from distance).

Ade's not worth 30mil. But I'd rather pick him over the three other choices. Berba's too "soft" and lazy. Trez is too old, Gomez is still raw, and doesn't have the pace and footwork that Barcelona require.

As for Villa, he's not worth 40mil. And with so many high profile teams interested in him, that amount could rise even higher. There's no way that he's worth 10mil more than Eto'o. Villa's stock just happens to be on fire right now and he's the 'flavor of the month'.

Anonymous said...

Adebayor had a great start to last season, played some spectacular football until he clipped his hair... if he could maintain wth another season in a top league, he's as good as any. Got the height and heading we want for a 3-4-3 or 4-3-3 crossing tactic. And deft touches.

Gomez my arse, to be honest. Surprisingly overrated flash in the pan? Maybe. Berbatov has the wrong attitude, great player but serious ego issues and we've gotta learn from those mistakes... Trez is proven for his type of game but maybe not a long term option, tall and all, but should be looking beyond his years. Guiza could be good though, can't argue with his record. I wonder if Villa fits the bill too, maybe not what Pep wants. Should give him time to get the players he wants, you know, before the fucking idiot wolves set in. Interested to see what happens after Early July....

Anonymous said...

Where do these newspapers get names such as Berbatov????

Do they really expect him to replace Eto'o???

Makes me wonder if the reporter is a noob.

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