Thursday, 7 May 2009

Barcelona looking for left back in Dutch league

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is looking for a player who could replace Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (35), whose contract expires at the end of this season and who will most probably leave this summer.

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain would be especially monitoring the Dutch market in search for a substitute. Four left wing players who are playing in the Dutch league would be being followed:

Urby Emanuelson (Ajax, 22, Holland - picture)
Niklas Moisander (AZ Alkmaar, 22, Finland)
Sébastien Pocognoli (AZ Alkmaar, 21, Belgium)
Edson Braafheid (Twente, 26, Holland)

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Watch a video of Emanuelson here:

Watch a video of Moisander here:

Watch a video of Pocognoli here:


Aussie Barca Fan said...

Ummm whatever happened to Zhrikov and Lahm?? I have seen Emanuelson and he looks GR8!

skanjos said...

emanuelson is great,i still prefer lahm,bale for the left back position

djoef said...

Emanuelson is terrible, and certainly as left back. He plays higher up the pitch lately, so you cannot see this happen. Pocognoli is very promising, excellent going forward. Don't know the other two that well.

hieifcb said...

no way!! not a Dutch LB!!
Holland only have good attacking players.
Emanuelson is ok, but not Barca material.

and Ajax has been very dissapointing this season, Van Basten decided to leave himself xD

jordy said...

i'm from belgium, pocco is CERTAINLY not barça material.. no way. also emanuelson isn't that good, i prefer sylvinho!

Anonymous said...

Niklas Moisander started his career in finnish club TPS and then Ajax signed him.However, he never got a real chance there and he moved to AZ Alkmaar and got the place in starting-11 immediately.He mostly played there as a CB but in Finland national team he has been used in LB or even DM position. He is very versatile and as a Finn I would love to see him in barca.although I think it will be too difficult to get playing time in barca.

Anonymous said...

They are crap, especially Urby. He is awful, one of the worst defenders in the game.

MohamedH said...

Hi... i am from holland.. and personnaly i dont think any of these guys meets the qualifications desired from a barcaplayer...

I would say stick to the lahm and zirkhov case, rather than looking for cheap buys...

bojan™ said...

first: this season is one off! We survived without any serious injuries( imagine what could happend if Messi, Eto'o, Iniesta were all out, than the season is over)
second: We realy need good players all the time and solid bench. So for the next season we MUST get Ribery, Diego(To be honest Cesc this season is nothing. Diego can do the job better than him. He is good in tehnics, freekiks so why not. Dont crusified me.
We need another striker with deadly finishing who can accept a bench role too and to keep Henry and Eto'o is a must!
In the defence we need one LB (maxwell is good option) and hope Henrique is very good player!

visca el barca!!!

Anonymous said...

Iniesta was out for many games bojan. But I agree with you, we need a player who can head the ball from crosses (a tall striker), and someone with a great shot. But keep in mind that Diego is both fat, slow and lazy. This must be taken into consideration bojan.

Anonymous said...

My preferences:
LB: Zhirkov
Midfielder with great shot: Hernanes
Tall striker who can head the ball: ???

Anyone knows of a tall striker that can head the ball well and is good enough for Barcelona?

ej said...

guys there is player that i now who is really good for us , hs name Klose he is the best german striker has a good head abiitys and can control the ball very good !!

klose best german plaxer

Humankind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Humankind said...

Bojan, I agree with everything you said.

For the tall striker, we should look for Edin Dzeko. This kid fits the perfect profile of the type of striker we would need.
Diego is also a very good choice.
Zarate would be my favorite for the left wing, although buying him would be a lot of money since Lazio just got him.
My ideal list of transfers for the summer would be:

CF: Edin Dzeko
Left wing: Mauro Zarate
Center mid: Hernanes (Sao Paulo)
LB: A teenage understudy to Abidal.
Get Henrique back and we would be set for the next season as he can play right back for Dani Alves.

Anonymous said...

We should not forget Gai Assulin either. Do we really need another left wing?

Edin Dzeko seems like a good option, it is the type of player that is needed, strong, tall, good in the air, seems to be good with both feet as well which is very nice. Is he good enough technically though? Hopefully the staff watches him.

rObReV7 said...

I say bring back Gio Van Brinkhorst!! Who's with me!! :¬)

cruelsong said...

i'm also not sure about emanuelson.. he's too attacking
i agree with sanjos, how 'bout bale, or maxwell ?

Anonymous said...

Howabout Llorente of Bilbao as a rotated utility striker, he's moldable and physically is a presence.

Unknown said...

van bronckhorst was awesome!!!

we could follow real madrid's lead and sign the other half of the dutch national team to our squad, whoever's left!

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