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Puyol: "People don't stop thanking me"

Barcelona player Carles Puyol gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo.

What would you have said a year ago if I had asked you to pick only one between the Copa del Rey, Liga, or Champions League?
I would have told you that we would fight for everything but it would be difficult. Whenever you begin a season, you begin with new hopes. But careful, anything that happened in the past could still happen in the future past the treble. We should enjoy this during the summer but move on once preseason starts.

When was the first time you dreamt about the treble without fear that anybody would hear, especially Guardiola?
I think there were two moments. The first at the Bernabéu. And after that, the end of the second leg at Stamford Bridge. There, we cemented our place into the final and there was little left to win the title. Well, "little" really is a lot, but you still see it closer.

You're all aware of what has been organized in Barcelona, Catalunya, and in every culé household...
Yes, you see it in the streets. I think that all year there has been much joy. You could see the people looking happy. Now, after seeing them happy, you now see them proud. You see more jerseys than ever before and flags on balconies. That is great and it pleases us. Nowadays, people don't stop thanking me. It's the best that somebody can say.

There were many celebrations. It has been said that you have won more than three titles, much more than the triplete...
It was a moment to celebrate and to have a good time. We enjoyed ourselves often during the year but we didn't have time to stop and rest for a second. If you won a title, you couldn't celebrate because three days later you would have an important match to play. That's why, when everything was won, it felt like a bomb. It was only logical. But everybody was humble. We spent our time well. It was a celebration with everybody and the team and the supporters were perfect.

You have become the first captain to have lifted two European cups. That's legendary...
I suppose that I'll think that some day but for now I'm not thinking about that. I'm thinking that we won the triplete and not that I have lifted two European cups. I think it's very nice and also a big privilege but I don't think individualistically but more about the team.

A simple question: why did you win everything?
Well, because we deserved it. It's that simple. I believe that we were the best team. The team has worked a lot and even more importantly, they were confident. Everybody says it: we were the best.

Yeah, but, what did you differently to win everything?
We started a project with much hope. We stumbled at the beginning but the entire team knew the path they were going to take. We were confident in our way of working and little by little we saw that it was possible as long as everything was going well. Everything turned out as expected.

The image of the group's unity is real?
The entire group was very united, even those that didn't play often. Even Milito, who was injured, was there the whole time. The group was key.

You have also acknowledged those that work for the team: Manel Estiarte, doctor Pruna,...
They are like an additional part of the team. They are also very important. If it weren't for their individual work within their specialization, we wouldn't be where we are. They need to be acknowledged and the only way to do so is to reference them. It's a very sincere and true declaration from the heart.

Do you remember when people said that one of the problems in the past two years is the captaincy? Do you have anything to say?
When we score goals, there are certain things that aren't said anymore. Now we're the best and last year was a disaster. I think that we need to silence many critics, and if we can improve, we should. But it's a subject that doesn't worry me much.

Now it's transfer season. Signings, sellings, and renewals. Basically, renew or die?
We should do the best we can for the team. Those who direct and decide, should do so when decisions are difficult, but they eventually have to. What cannot be done is to consider something, then not do it and later regret it. That's the worst. If they have an idea, call it "X", they have to work for it, and I think that they will eventually find what's best for the team.

translated by: al

this was the first part of this interview, you will be able the following parts later.

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and nor will they stop thanking you capitan. great job!!

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thanks al, nice to read an honest interview in between of al those fabricated "reports" :)

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Way to go Rambo!

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we all love you puyol!
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Still is the heart of our Defense.

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