Sunday, 7 June 2009

Medical: Barcelona confirms new Milito operation

Barcelona has officially confirmed that Barcelona central defender Gabriel Milito (28), has undergone on Friday a new operation, which the club decribes as a "definitive test" to examine how the player is recovering from his knee injury (read more here).

The statement on the club's official website reads as follows:

"Gaby Milito has undergone a arthroscopy on Friday afternoon in Buenos Aires to see how the injury that he has been recuperating from for over a year is progressing. Doctor Homero de Agostini carried out the exam with Barça Doctor Ramon Cugat present and depending on the results it could mark a definitive moment in his return to playing."

Milito suffered a right knee injury on 29 April 2008 during the second game of the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester United last season. The predicted recovery time was then being estimated between six and nine months.

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Bogman said...

"Definitive test"? Of what exactly? My gut tells me he's career might be over sooner than we want. Too bad in that case, cause I liked him on the field. Perhaps this "test" is an indication on where the transfer season for barca might be heading. If he cant be counted on the tecnical staff will for shure get someone new on thet position. It might be a decider on Henriques chanses of being a Barca player next season.

Josep said...

Arthroscopy is just a procedure not a surgical operation. It is a very common procedure in patients with knee injury.

Anonymous said...

Josep, explain further, and give us some details into when you think Milito could be ready please.

Anonymous said...

Usually after this kind of procedure patient must wait about 2,3 weeks.

Bogman said...

Yes, if the procedure arrives with a positive result. But what if the result is negative? Is it back to the surgeons table again? This could be a very decisive test for Milito. Hope for the best!

tero said...

Milito deserves some support now,not brainless rumours about transfers.The main thing is that the guy heals and can continue his career.

Dan R said...

arthroscopy is basiclly getting a camera into the knee to check whats wrong. after that a decision is made if to keep training and do pyshiotherapy which takes a month more or less to recover orrrr to further operate and then who knows

Anonymous said...

a camera into the knee???? are u sure about that? Sounds extremely painful if u ask me!s

Anonymous said...

It's only a very small camera, not a huge camera. I've had it done, doesn't hurt that much, just sore for a few days and bruised from them poking about inside you, which is natural.

ZenI said...

Haha anon! : "It's only a very small camera, not a huge camera"
So not one of those 1980's VHS cameras than?

Anonymous said...

Arthroscopic surgeries just mean they don't cut the knee open. They make small incisions and insert mechnical/robotic tools into the area.

It's less invasive but it doesn't mean you can recover in 2-3 weeks. Depending on the surgery, whether or exploratory or repair it can take a long time to come back from the injury. Basketball players who tear their ACL go through this all the time and the recovery is usually 3-6 months followed by rehab.

This sounds just like club PR spinning things to make it sound better. Although it's still unclear the extent of the injury.

Anonymous said...

Arthroscopy in general is a procedure which involves drilling small holes in bones, in this case, the knee. it's used to either "inspect" the inside of the bone with a camera as someone said, or as a standard reconstruction of a torn ligament.

i had an arthroscopy to repair my ACL tear, they didn't cut my knee open. also, some other guy had an "inspecting" procedure on his knee. he was operated in the morning and left that same night

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