Sunday, 14 June 2009

Mascherano wants Spain move for personal reasons

British tabloid News of the World claims that Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (25) is considering leaving Liverpool because of personal reasons.

His pregnant wife Fernanda has been unable to settle in England and returned to South America with the couple's daughter Lola before the end of last season.

And although Mascherano is professionally happy at Anfield, the personal situation of being apart from his family means he feels he has no option but to consider moving on. The midfielder thinks it will be easier for his wife to live in a Spanish-speaking country.

A Liverpool source is quoted as saying: "The truth is Javier loves Liverpool and is especially thankful to Rafa for everything he has done for his career in England. But he's facing a huge dilemma because he feels his family might be more settled in Spain. Nothing is certain, but it's true it's a big problem for the club."

Despite a presumed imminent 35 million euro° bid from Barcelona, Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez has insisted the midfielder is not for sale at any price. Liverpool released today a new official statement saying that they didn't receive any offers for Mascherano and that they don't intend to let the Argentinian go (read more here).

The statement on Liverpool's official website reads as follows: "Despite repeated media speculation on the futures of Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano, Liverpool has received no official approach or offer from any club regarding the players. Neither is for sale and furthermore Liverpool has no interest in the long list of Spanish based players being linked with a move to Anfield as part of any deal."

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Iason said...

Everything would be so much easier if we could buy Marc Crosas back this season. Transfer season:

Almeria guy for free, Henrique (Can be our LB), promote Botia for an extra CB (he looked solid enough for me), Marc Crosas can be the back up for Xavi everyone has been asking for, then focus our 30 Million Euros with swapping players for Ribery or Zlatan.

Anonymous said...

next season :

in: masch + robinho + gai(Atl)
out: etoo + sylv

and we are vey fine !!!!

i am sure we can get both of them if we swap hleb or etoo for robinho.

Anonymous said...

we don't need mascherano!when toure's gone,busquets plays there,it's that simple.we don't need "new DM".we need new attacking midfielder,not defensive one.

FC BARCA said...

Why should we waste €35 mil on Mascherano? We should focus on resigning Yaya and we also have Busquets as a backup.

HouseMD said...

As first, let's focus on the Yaya's renewal. Secondly, Liverpool will ask a lot for him due to this crazy market. Barca have enough players to cover the midfield. Of course, it is expected to buy just one midfielder which will play in the position of Keita and Yaya during the ANC. Mascherano is good (and expensive), but I'd like to wait until Cesc's contract is near to expire.

fcbee said...

This is just not a priority. We have Toure, Keita and Busquets and even Marquez, Pique, Xavi and Iniesta to play there. Re-focus!

Anonymous said...

yes fcbee,that's what i'm talking about,we have enough DMs.we need atacking players for LW and if eto'o goes then CF.

Ondra said...

My shopping list based on speculations:
Filipe, Saltor, Henrique, Robinho/Ribery/Zhirkov

CM/DM: Don't know, maybe Moutinho/J.Martinez
If Eto'o leaves: Ibra/Aguero/Benzema.

jordy said...

I don't see why we should need mascherano. we have 2 good DM.. and keita plays well too. do we really want to splash out 35 m for a player who's usefull for a month??
Let's focus on renewals. And the singing of ribery or Aguero. alter him with henry/ eto'o and the possibilities are endless!

LeónDragón said...

marc crosas. you must be joking.
and i agree to those who say that this is no priority.
there are positions who need more care

Iason said...

@ LeonDragon: Marc Crosas had a decent season with a decent enough team. This isn't a position that needs much looking at so what's the problem with not having someone of the highest quality? He wouldn't play that much but he is young and he is from our youth system so I think he can improve and maybe be Xavi's successor if we don't get Cesc back.

Flippy said...

I see why we might want Mascherano:
to push the Yaya up forward. If you look at his playing days at Monaco he was a playmaker, attacking midfielder, and he was brilliant at it, not Xavi and Iniesta brilliant but very good. with Mascherano we can use yaya as a back up of Iniesta, Xavi, or central defense. I don't think Pep trusts Kieta and Busquets enough for defensive midfielder, but more as a 3rd midfielder or double defensive midfielders. But 35 million is way too much.


Anonymous said...

Guardiola wants to sell Yaya and buy Mascherano. DURHH. we are not going to push yaya forward haha.

Reasons why: At this point Yaya is worth the same as Masch but does not read the game as well as the Argentine captain does, he's simply benefited from the xaviniesta effect and excellent barca coaching. Yaya is better suited for the EPL, Masch is better suited for laliga.

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