Sunday, 14 June 2009

Eto'o scares off clubs with wage demands

British tabloid News of the World claims that Barcelona attacker and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) wants to cash in on the last major contract of his career.

Eto'o reportedly asked Manchester City a month salary of one million euro net for five years. Eto'o would be negotiating himself and simply employs lawyer Josep Maria Mesalles to handle the paperwork on his contracts.

Manchester United, Liverpool and Inter Milan would be among the other clubs that have inquired about his services and all have been quoted the same wages. Inter and Liverpool would already have pulled back, while United are highly unlikely to break their carefully regimented wage structure for Eto'o.

British tabloid The People claims that Eto'o rejected a 10 million euro offer by Manchester City because he didn't want to give up Champions League football. Chelsea, Liverpool and Inter Milan would be the clubs who are still interested in the striker. Barcelona would ask a transfer fee of 25 million euro° for the Cameroonian.

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pep said...

25 million euro =

35 million us dollar
22,5 million british pound

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Sounds like he either wants a frebbie or to stay at the club.

I'm kind of thinking he is angling for a free transfer.

James said...

pep it's 1 million per month.

yeah Aussie he's angling to get a lot of money.

I hope our fans can stop calling out management for not bowing to Eto'o's demands, it's unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

who the hell do you think you are samuel?
take barca's offer or leave please.

Anonymous said...

How would NOTW know? He just rejected City because they're a minor club, just like Ronaldinho and Kaka did.

jazzy said...

where is "insideknowledge" when you need him?

we can use some "insideknowledge" to calm some of the fans here... lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yes, where is insideknowledge??? This is getting out of hand!

buj said...

I'm saddened by his greed. I've always look up to him as a player. It's one thing to be self-concious of one ability i.e ego, which is essential for a CF where confidence is everything but to hold that ability as a ransom is greed.

Other than MC or RM, I don't think any other clubs can or want to afford his 1mil/month asking salary considering his age. Rather than asking an exorbitant, why don't he ask for incentives/bonus depending upon his performance. He can also ask for a share of jersey sales or any other income a club made in his name.

At 28, it's as if he knows he's already past his best and could not rely on performance-based income and with his egoistic attitude, few fans and companies will adore him, hence the exorbitant asking. I won't be surprised if in the end he'll accept MC and forgo CL as to me $$$ is only his target.

Dolce said...

"where is "insideknowledge" when you need him?" -yeah, he is like a salesman or a waiter. If Barca keeps Eto'o then they may not need to buy a new striker if they sign a left winger. Do you think that getting Zlatan and paying his wages is any cheaper than keeping Eto'o? Eto'o kept saying during the season that he wont renew his deal before the season ends but now in June he still has no any plans to sign a new deal because he has started to seek exit

jazzy said...

well lets relax and enjoy the transfer news..

lots of news courtesy from the oh so reliable
RM - wants ibra, money+higuain. Villa said he only wants to go to real..hmm.. RM - maicon.
fiorentina wants our marquez. dont want that.
milan officially signed Aly Cissokho. its nice to see some new fresh young faces there. hope they do well.
other stuff..
but my favorite:
mascherano - barca. and the best we are approaching mata. w/ a 40mil release clause, hope we can get him w/ half the price, thats if we didnt get the superstars like ribery.
hey anony, bout ribery, zidane said: "It would be a nice opportunity for Franck. It is up to him." it is still up to him. they just talk thats it. just like abidal and henry trying to lure him to barca.

and everybody that wants to be calm should go here:
read it and pray.. oommm..ooomm...

Marws said...

I'm starting to get really pissed at Eto'o. If this is true it's obvious that he wants out next season for free and get a shitload of cash at the same time, or that he wants alot in salary already this comming season.

WHY IS HE SO EGO?! seriously his behavior can really damage Barca. Eighter Accept a new offer from Barca or go to another club!

sashi said...

he he... nice one jazzy! cheers.

jazzy said...

cheers sashi :)
and what a crazy race by rossi and lorenzo!
he has proven once again he is the best rider in the world right now..
but Lorenzo can only get better.. great stuff!

buj said...

Yea man, that Rossi is one hell of a fighter. Lorenzo should have studied Rossi's inclination of overtaking on the last lap or even on the last bend. He did it season after season. I guess he is saving his tyres and brakes for that last push.

And back to football news.....

Marc4barca said...

told you all he had an ego. told you eto is no different from anyone else.


forthose who use the word visca and want to know what it means

Visca(catalonian word so you wont find it on a spanish translator site) - come on

Ono said...

It's pretty obvius that he want's to stay.

jazzy said...

....and leave for free?? :p
he is a merc.. he is.
but i respect him for what he has done here at barca w/ his workrate and it would be great if he renew.
but if he just wants to go for money and doesnt want to negotiate a contract w/ us.. well i hope he is not that kind of man.. ;)
but respect work bothways so i would like if he really respect us, and wants to leave, he accept that he should be sold this year.

Marws said...

It would suck if Eto'o left for free next season when Barca tries to offer him contracts or offer him to other clubs. Seriously he has been great in Barca and much of the good things he has done in Barca will be forgotten. Please Eto'o leave like a hero this year or stay for a couple of more seasons, I don't care. Please just don't leave like a bitch for free next year.

madilu said...

For all of you who are calling Etoo Names just because he wants to leave for free next year, please remember that it is a contract, made by two consenting parties ( Barca and Etoo).

Each has to agree on the terms of the extension and so until this happens, all you are reading are rumours and speculation. Etoo stated that he would like to see out his contract and then probably end his career at Mallorca.

Till I hear anything from him or Barca, treat all the stuff about his demands as speculation.

Like some one said earlier, "we would like to keep Ibra, but if someone came with some crazy ofer... "

Etoo would like to serve out his contract but if someone offered a crazy figure like 1 Million per month....

Iason said...

Eto'o is awesome! I can't believe some of you would want anyone else as our Striker besides Eto'o.

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