Sunday, 14 June 2009

Vidic dismisses Barcelona rumours

Asked about the rumous linking him with several European top clubs among which Barcelona (read more here), Manchester United central defender and Serbian international Nemanja Vidic (27) has said in an interview with British tabloid News of the World that he has no intention to leave:

"I am very happy here and next season we will start again. I have got no desire to go anywhere. People forget that when you join a new league you don't just have to adjust to the country, you also have to adjust to the style of football.

I feel my game is well adjusted to England now and I want to play a part in a successful team next season. United can make it a record four titles in a row next year. I've also started to understand and love all the things you English love. Now I even love a bacon sandwich!"

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Anonymous said...

oh God,like we want him!we don't need CB.

Athul said...

Who wants him anyway???

We saw how he plays against Primera liga forwards.

Besides,yet another CB!

Iason said...

It really annoys me how some people want Barca to buy a certain player and the moment the player says he has no intentions to move to Barca, the same people start bashing him and saying they never wanted him. What's the point of that! I want Vidic here and even though he wont come, I still think he is a great defender and my opinion of him doesn't change.

Metlife Annuity said...

Blog is really informative and entertainng same time.

Anonymous said...

why do people say they don't want him when the clearly do he, was the best CB in the prem for 2 years running and has been a rock for them all season we don't need Rafael Márquez or Gabriel Milito so they could be sold to help fund him if he changed his mind we also need to give Henrique Buss a chance so loan out Martín Cáceres to a top spanish club and give him a go at pre season becsue he's the future with Gerard Piqué or Martín Cáceres I think we should also do a swap deal, involving Seydou Keita and Diego Capel he's young spanish and got so much talent on the left. But it also gives Thierry Henry time to play and more importantly score goals.

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