Friday, 10 April 2009

Barcelona managing list of four goalkeepers

Spanish tabloid 20 minutos claims that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristian is preparing for in case Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (28) would leave the club at the end of the season and is managing a four-name list of possible substitutes.

The number one candidate would be Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19 - picture), with Villarreal goalkeeper Diego López (29), who would cost 20 million euro°, being the alternative option.

Juventus goalkeeper and Italian international Gianluigi Buffon (31) and Atlético Madrid B goalkeeper and Spanish youth international David de Gea (18) are also on the list, although the possible transfer fee of the first would be considered to be too high for a player of his age and the second seems more an option for the future.

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pep said...

20 million euro =

26 million us dollar
18 million british pound

E said...

Asenjo, de Gea or Mino

skanjos said...

come on let pinto and jorquera go and buy asenjo ,promote oier to the first squad and we are good to go. then if valdes wants out buy de gea too

koko=barca said...

And why not Frey?

Bogman said...

Exactly! Why not Frey? As I recall it his contract expires soon, so he would not cost a lot of money. But i would prefer it if Valdes stayed a coulple of years more, and we bought Asenjo this summer. That way he could be eased in to the Barca mentality whith Valdes as a shield. And when Valdes is spent: enter Asenjo!

Anonymous said...

Frey has nothing special.

Anonymous said...

frey needs to lose weight.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Get Asenjo, he's cheap, young and is way better than Valdes. He can be our future and present. But I think what we should have done is to let Oier play some preseason matches last summer and see if he's reliable enough, if he is, we should have called him up and let him play some matches to see if he is good enough to be in first team. If he's not ready yet, then let him go back and play with B team first. From this, we can see if Oier is promising or not. If he is, then we should try our hardest to renew Valdes for few more years but if he still leaves then we should get a more experienced(older) keeper to replace him so that no one will get in Oier's way. On the other hand if he's not promising, then get Asenjo to replace Valdes, cheap, young and way better than Valdes.

Anonymous said...

Everyone talking about how good Asenjo is; how many times have you seen him and would you know him if we weren't linked to him?

Did you cry about Valdés after this year's Clasico game and the CL final, too name a few important games. Asenjo conceded seven goals against us this season. He's a talented kepper but he is not better than Valdés.

Anonymous said...

Oh and oier isn't even first choice for Barca athletic; Ruben Mino is. Mino also debuted recently before his injury in the spanish U-21 team.

Ramen said...

In terms of U21 Spanish keepers, I have to say: Asenjo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mino > De Gea. Asenjo is definitely a top 12 European keeper, even at 19 (20 soon?). If you look at him by his form and positioning (speaking in a keeper coach's perspective), his form is similar to Casillas and Buffon, the "two best keepers" of Europe, which Valdes does not possess (sorry Valdes...). The only problem are his slower reflexes, which will improve with age. Something to also watch out for is his height. He's not tall at all.

De Gea I think is worse than Miño. He makes a good bit of mistakes that bothers him throughout a game, just like Valdes. He overcorrects. Miño may have the same cons as de Gea, but at least he's part of Barça's cantera.

rahul said...

get asenjo, n frey as frey wud cum at no cost at all his contratct espires in june. other option is along with frey, teh athletic club keeper gorka i think hsi nam,e is. he is quite good.

blues said...

so who do you guys prefer if we are going to buy a new GK?
for me its:
1.asenjo (cuz his young, cheap, and good even in his age-19-that not other young GK could do)
2.Frey (if we somehow missed asenjo, frey would be my choice, cuz..he's for free :) )
3.others are the expensive ones like diego lopez,cech,etc,which I think we wouldnt buy, considering we need to buy for other positions)
but again, maybe we wont buy anyone, cuz, then again, we still have valdes :p
in pep we trust...

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