Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Presidential term could be extended to six years

Spanish news agency EFE claims that the commison charged with the change of Barcelona's by-laws will propose to change the duration of a presidential term to a period of six years.

The current duration of four years had to be adapted to the new Catalan legislation about sports clubs and associations that says that presidential terms should be between six and eight years. Barcelona unsuccesfully tried to negotiate an exception with the Catalan government.

Just like it is now, a president could in the future also be re-elected once, which would mean a maximum term of twelve years. The changes to the club's by-laws have to be adopted by a general assembly in August or September. Another proposal says that socios should be able to vote in the presidential elections by internet.

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SJP said...

as long as their is measure to remove a presidnt that is abusing his power, then i don't see a problem with this, but f
does this mean that laporta will stay another two years and then we have elections?

the internet voting is a great idea for soicos like me that don't live in barca or spain.

skanjos said...

i wish there could be a way that laporta could stay,he has done amazing things for the club,took alot of risks but the team has become the best team in the world not only on the field but outside of it too,this team is a bright example of how teams should work .

pep said...

It would count from the next term on, SJP. Laporta has to step down in 2010.

SJP said...

thats a shame, he's done a hell of a job, thanks pep.

blaugrana_uk said...

it is a shame an im worried that someone like rosell who has a pro nike agenda will come in and sell messi who i adidas who knows lets see, surely laporta could run again if perez at madrid is allowed too??

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