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Marquez: "We have to reach higher, never stop"

Barcelona player Rafael Márquez answered questions at the official UEFA website.

How far can Barça go? Do you think they will win the UEFA Champions League?
Barcelona are playing great football and they have the quality and potential to win the Champions League. We couldn't beat Chelsea at home but we're confident we can go on from here and take things step by step, all the while respecting our rivals. I won't be able to be a part of things over the upcoming weeks because of the injury I picked up, but we have a great squad and I have complete confidence in my team-mates.

Do you think Barcelona will win the Spanish Cup, Spanish league and the Champions League?
That's what everyone here wants, but we have to take things step by step and never assume a game or competition is won before we've played it.

Was the 4-0 win against Bayern Barça's best performance of the season and, if not, what was?
I always look higher and aspire to better things. There will always be a better game. This is one of the challenges for this Barcelona side: reach higher, never stop at what you've got but aim to do it even better.

97,000 were at the Bayern game in the quarter-finals. What can you hear from the crowd and can the noise from the stands make it hard to hear the other players on the pitch?
You notice it, you feel it – there's no doubt about that. The crowd give you wings. It's gratifying and motivating to have them so close behind the team, as was the case again before the Chelsea game. We're very grateful to our supporters.

Is this Barcelona team better than the one that won the Champions League in 2006? If so, why?
All through history, Barcelona has had great teams who have marked their generation. The Champions League winners of 2006 are one of them. Now it's our turn to try to win titles and leave our own footprint.

Much has been talked about Cristiano Ronaldo being the player of the year, but what about Lionel Messi? Do you think Messi will be the next player of the year?
For us, Messi is the best player in the world. He's a one-off, an incredible footballer, a champion. Hopefully he'll be the next to win the award. His team-mates have to help him do that by putting in good team performances.

Your defensive partnership with Carles Puyol has been one of the best. What is the secret behind a solid central defence?
We complement each other well, we cover each other almost automatically, we speak to each other, we both give our all.

How do you keep the same focus for big and small games?
It's our duty. One second of absent-mindedness when you're marking can lead to a defeat or to conceding a goal. You always have to be alert.

How do you cope with the daily pressure on you and your team and can you lead a normal everyday life without being recognised?
In Barcelona people are very respectful, so you can live a quiet and practically normal life. Besides, pressure is part of a footballer's profession and you learn to cope with it.

What did you feel when you signed for Barça?
It was a dream come true. I was signing for one of the giants, who had noticed me and taken a gamble on my abilities. It was truly unforgettable.

Have you ever wanted to leave Barça?
I would like to finish my career at Barcelona. I have always said so. But that doesn't just depend on me. That's a decision for the club. Perhaps I might play in Mexico for a bit before retiring from football completely.

What's the best memory you have had with FCB?
I always hope the best memory is still to come. There have been lots so far, including simple things like the pleasure you get from being in the dressing room or in training.

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