Monday, 8 December 2008

Shakhtar defender Chygrynskiy being monitored

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona is closely following Shakhtar Donetsk central defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would have been very impressed by the perfomance of the player during Barcelona's Champions League game against Shakhtar earlier this season, especially by his techical abilities and his long pass. Because Barcelona didn't have many reports of the player, Guardiola has asked to keep a close eye on the evolution of Chygrynskiy from now on.

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skanjos said...

i hope we dont sign this player,mainly for his last name,how do you pronounce this ???? Chygrynskiy did he survive high school?

joking offcourse,i have seen him in some matches he is an okay player,didnt watch him that well,but we have puyol,careces,marquez,milito,pique.... i dont see us going for another stopper,also abidal can play as cb.

fcbee said...

Ok, now it's official: Guardiola has a central defender obsession!!!

Anonymous said...


yeah, and they are all central defenders with long hair! ???

HouseMD said...

No, long greasy hair! :)

I'm joking.

I don't see reason to buy another central def.. Of course, Puyol and Marquez are 30 and it is good to watch potential signings, but what about Caceres? He's a good player and he didn't play much this season. More important, he is versatile def and he can play left back or central def.. To be realistic, Barca don't need any defender at least 2 years. If I'm Guardiola I'd try to find replacements for Henry/Gudjohnsen (because they could exit in the summer) and a strong replacement for Iniesta and Xavi. I hope Barca get someone like Cesc.

eddiethegreat said...

it is not just caceres. we have pique and henrique. all three of them under 22. they might motitore him, as they do tens of players but there is not chance of bringing him in anywhere soon..

jr said...

this news doesn't mean he's going to buy him now does it. It's good that Guardiola is keeping his eyes open, because you never know in the future when you might need to sign a player like him.

I very much doubt Pep would see him as a short term prospect, he's just one player of a very long list of names that are/could become interesting for the club.

eddiethegreat said...

btw can anyone watching the german league tell us, how is henrique doing? i just know that he is a starter in every match, but i havent seen him in any´s team of the week , not even as a substitue.i kinda expected him to be one of the best DC in germany, but considering thisi doubt it..

inibesta said...


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