Friday, 12 June 2009

Barcelona bid for Ribery

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona has made a bid for Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26).

Barcelona would have offered Bayern Munich a transfer fee of 40 million euro°, with the option to include players in the deal. The German club is yet to reply. Ribéry and his agent would also have been informed about the offer.

Ribéry's agent Alain Migliaccio is meanwhile unconfirmedly quoted as saying a few days ago in an interview with Monaco radio station RMC that the Frenchman can at the highest cost 50 million euro: "If you see that Kaká has been signed for 67 million, you cannot ask more than 50 million for a player who never has won the Champions League and never was between the top players on the list of the FIFA world player of the year."

Asked about the rumours linking Ribéry with several European top clubs, Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness said in an interview with Munich tabloid TZ that they are reluctant to sell unless: "We have said that we will only negotiate under certain conditions. Namely, when the other club wants to do crazy things." The tabloid claims that Bayern will only consider a bid of well over 60 million euro.

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pep said...

40 million euro =

57 milllion us dollar
34 million british pound

fcbee said...

Indeed 70 million for Ribery is just too much if you look at his track record. He's not really part of the absolute top yet (although he's already 26).

i pray to have an official statement!! said...

I will be pleased if we sign just ribery..

skanjos said...

we have to sign a top player.and we have to clear the eto situation as soon as possible.but now with the madrid transfers every team is staying back from the market.

hadi said...

I don't think barca will buy anybody in this summer!!! all they do is talk and talk.... Barca need atleast ribery and Zhirkov for next season if they want to win anything again...I hope barca sign atleast ribery... :( I'm little confused...

Culer_Than_Thou said...

Ribery will be our next number 7.
This is what both Ribery and Barca seem to want.
Finally the cogs have started to move. Hope the move gets through.

LeónDragón said...

would be nice. think that's a good bid and not unrealistic. as a backup or rotationpartner for our forwards, i thought about an option from porto...lisandro lópez...very good striker as he proved constantly at the cl. don't know his prize, but could be also one to think about, as i think, he wouldn't be that expensive

Anonymous said...

"I don't think barca will buy anybody in this summer!!! all they do is talk and talk...."

Slow down... Today is 12th of June... If we don't want to pay 60 mln E we have to invest time on negotiations... In my opinion we have time to 10th July to complete four or five transfers to club and to sell Gudy, Hleb and Milito...

Dude said...

I think acquiring Ribery would be GREAT!! he was the only one in CL that gave Barca a tough time compare to Gaynaldo

Out of all these stories so far I hope this one is true :)

skanjos said...

i dont think bayern will give ribery for 40mil now,thats why his agent wants to throw down the price abit by saying he was not nominated best player .i think a deal can go through with hleb in but i think ribery will prefer a move in madrid ,face it they started their project and it looks great at the moment,even if we are the cl winners we havent starting investing this year and madrid seems very serius this year about challenging the cl. if i had the choice (barca fanboism asaid hehe)i would chooce madrid cause they have the hunger for cl and they are investing like crazy in a new project.

i hope we start to invest soon cause madrid is stealing the headlights and are gonna get all the good players out there.also remember that the new manager of bayern would prefer dutch players for a i believe we should forget ribery and go for robinho with a henry bait...

Anonymous said...

I think lisandro lopez is porto's big star, remember Pepe went for 30m euros, rumours about Bruno Alves talk about 25m euros for him. we can only imagine what they will ask for lopez and especially in today's market.

HouseMD said...

Transfer market is open until August 31st, so there's plenty of time to buy some players. Barca wouldn't go for any of these "stars" if the price is unrealistic (I hope). These 40M should be more than enough to get Ribery. On the other side, I wouldn't mind if Bayern decide to cash in on him as much as they can (quite understandable), to milk out every penny from Perez. Barca made a mistake a few years ago when they could've get Ribery, but instead of it they spend 25M to get Henry. So, the transfer policy was/is very wrong sometimes (Hleb is perfect example). Anyway, if they don't accept 40M, Barca should set sights on J. Mata which could be next best left winger in the Europe or D. Silva, at least.

Anonymous said...

skanjos would prefer a move to madrid instead of the treble champions that have mesmerized a whole world with fantastic offensive football. Incredible. Go to the real madrid fan forum, skanjos!!

skanjos said...

anony you probably dont understand how football works,you have to forget the past and move forward ,2006 team stayed behind and next year they where bad,i dont want this to happen with 2009 team too.i know we already have xavi,iniesta,messi but we have to invest for next year,bring in some hungry players for can still celebrate for the tremble till next year or go for another which one do you prefer.i prefer the 2nd

Ondra said...

HouseMD: I agree. I really wanted Ribery that's the same situation as today with Aguero / Taiwo for example...we prefer buying older, more "tested" players for the same money and then, few years later, we buy former youngsters who didn't improve much, just became older.

Anonymous said...

Ribery should be Barcas nr 1 priority, forget ibrahimovic. we have Henry that can play as CF if Eto'o leaves, we saw what he can do as a CF against Valencia, a hat-trick!
and then we only need 1 middfielder and 1 left back. no need to spend all our money like stupid madrid do

LeónDragón Cule said...

yes anony, it seems you could be right.
after all i think, it is like some said here. we don't have to hurry. this board proved it's business-ability, except in case of hleb or caceres which doesn't matter now, so best is to stay calm and study soberly all options.
think also that more than 40 millions are too much. even for ribery.
we can't lose after last season, just win.
to think too much about what real does is also wrong, as we didn't also in the past and always were well with it.
respect the way our board do business, as it is an exemplary way, and believe that at the end, even if we don't win much this season, we will always have some money on the bank to improve.
to those who always talk about reality and managerstuff, please, stop that. i don't play that, and i understand some people who would like to see and enjoy some special players and that has nothing to do with that game, but as i said, we should have respect and faith in this board, at least i have to do too, because they deserve it

skanjos said...

"His salary will start at £9.5 million a year, rising 25 per cent annually to a staggering £29 million — or just over £557,500 a week — in the final year. He stands to earn up to £107 million. "
damn real madrid will go bankrupt in a few years if they dont win titles.also silva is probably going to man utd or liverpool.....move your A@@ txiki

Anonymous said...

silva won't leave valencia. they will ask their fans for money before selling silva. villa looks to be leaving, but silva they are determined to keep him.

sashi said...

i very badly feel that Ribery would be beyond our reach as Man U n Chelsea would start a bidding war which would go welll past 50 mil. but guys... just look the next post which was out 1 year back where it looked like there's no way we would be getting Hleb but he is with us right now. dont worry u guys. Laporta knows wat he's doing. atleast Pep knows.

HouseMD said...

2 questions out of this topic:
-what is going on with Milito, is he up to sale or? There's no recent news.
-is it true that Xavi Torres signed a 5-year deal with Malaga?

What I forgot to say in my last post is that Barca need 2 or 3 signings. I agree with posts above, that's LB, midfielder and left winger.
LB-- 5-10M (Luis Filipe)
MID- 10-20M (more options)
LW-- 15-20M (Zhirkov, J.Mata)

That's 50M overall if the price is highest. It can be reduce if Barca sell Gudjohnsen and Hleb.

I must say that Zhirkov would be a good choice just as Mata. His nickname is "Russian Ronaldinho".

HouseMD said...


Anonymous said...

what about mata?
the stars that are in danger of leaving from valencia : villa, silva, m.fernandes, albiol, mata.

James said...

You can't sell Milito when he's injured. Nobody would be willing to take on his contract let alone pay a transfer fee.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Patience children. The transfer windown is barely open. We should not get sidetracked by what Madrid is doing. They are the only big club that have made any moves. There is still allot of caution in the market. They have shown their hand early which is up to them. But with so many big egos coming into the team it's hard to see where the balance will come.

There is no logical reasoning in their decisions. It seems purely financial and that is never the basis for a sustained winning formular. Look at what happened when their egos clashed last time. Beckham, Ronaldo, Zidane and Figo could not co-exist with each other and the 'Pavons'. It would be excellent if we get Ribery and if we only buy one player I hope it is him but let's not forget we have won the TREBLE with this team that was built on the fundamental coaching and sporting phylosophy of the club. We didn't buy the titles, we erned them with hard work and commitment. This team will go down in history as possibly the greatest ever in WORLD FOOTBALL!


Anonymous said...

sashi: i dont think you should use the fact that Hleb is with us now, as a way to cheer people up. :) i

PS: we will be lucky to get 10m euros for Hleb now. and gudjohnsen will probably leave for free.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Lisandro ... nice idea Leon.

Anonymous said...

we can't sell caceres because we will probably only get 2-3m euros for him, and we paid 16.5m, so the loss will be incredible. He should be loaned out if necessary, but i dont think Bayern is interested.

sashi said...

tats not the point anon. wat i wanted to say was tat even though negotiations dont look gud, eventually we can get our target. tats the point i wanted to make. gud or bad signing, tats another topic :)

barca4life said...

HouseMD how can u criticize our transfer policy? you do realize this board has gotten us 2 champions league titles and 3 league titles? This is effectively the best period in barca's history because even with the dream team they only won 1 champions league title. We would have bought ribery instead of henry and we may not have won the treble. I keep saying this like a stuck record. Ribery has 25 goals in the past 2 years in germany. That is henry's total in spain this year alone.

As for milito how can we sell an injured player? Who will buy him?

Puyi said...

barca4life: do you really think Henry is better than Ribery? Ribery carries Bayern on his back, while Henry has had fantastic support from the best players in the world to score goals. I don't want to sell Henry though, as he is a good solution when Eto'o is unavailable through injury, suspension etc. I also think that credit should be given to our youth system for winning what we have did. We didn't buy our trophies through the transfer policy like Real Madrid is trying to.

Ono said...

Where would we fit in Ribery?

Henry - Eto'o - Messi
Iniesta - Xavi

These are not player that would be willing to sit onthe bench and neither is Ribery

Anonymous said...

Henry will be lucky to play ¾ of the season and if Eto'o stays he will be gone for a month.

There is plenty of room.

Anonymous said...

pfuu... of course Henry man! Why so stupid questions???

skanjos said...

barca4life you cant guess what would have happened,maybe if we got ribery instead of henry we could have 2 straight cl ..... you cant speculate.yes this board has done great but with those kind of players the leagues we lost are a tragic loss,this is better team than the 2006 one and i dont want it to lose focus like the old one did

Anurag said...

my god, its amazing how negative some people are. ribery is the best player on the left wing. he will replace the aging thierry henry,i think thats obvious. hes a more worthwhile signing than ibrahimovich because he is not that big a star, more of a workhorse. i dont think real will buy him because perez will consider him too ugly to market. plus, i dont know if anyone knows this, RM have a 563 million euro debt (no, im serious). they will soon run outta cash. we must focus our attention on signing ribery and a good left back (read maxwell or filipe).

as for hadi, barca dont talk and talk. they are the most effective team during the transfer window. when madrid wasted cash on huntelaar, we bought alves and pique. when madrid wanted the good looking david beckham, we chose the ugly but brilliant ronaldinho. so please, have faith and trust in the barca management. next season is ours!!

Anonymous said...

@b4l - mate, if you judge players only by the goals they score, then ruud van nistelrooy would be a fantastic talent and forlan would be worth a fortune.

HouseMD said...

@barca4life: read what puyi and skanjos told you, so I don't need to answer. We don't have to agree about the same issues.
I must answer about transfer policy. Look at the last summer:


I think Valencia would have accepted this amount for Silva.

James said...

These kinds of arguments are pointless. What if Hleb ended up being a star? Hindsight is 20/20. We may have overpaid for Caceres but regardless of who bought him he was going to cost at least 12-14M.

We didn't buy Silva because we needed a CB. We didn't know Pique was going to be as good as he was either. Also Marquez could have been sold. We went for the cheaper option of Hleb and got ourselves a CB in Caceres.

All things considered, we did pretty well. We won the treble.

LeónDragón said...

thought about another option for right-back-backup. rod fanni from stade rennes. don't know what he would cost, but what i saw from him was very positive. very good flanks, good techniec and a good passing-game, seems also physically very strong, btw with his 1,86m, he could also be used as cb, when things get critical on that position. his prize could also be not that high, but seems talented. played also some games for france-international-team

LeónDragón said...

for the midfield hernanes could be an option too. maybe his prize is too high. but when i saw him play, i never could say which foot is his stronger one. seems that doesn't matter to him. very powerful shot, good techniec too. his coach at brazil-national-team dunga described him as a mix of gattuso and pirlo. i'm no fan of both, but a mix of them sounds interesting, if there's truth in it

Ono said...

Henry still has a couple of great season like this one in front of him. After that Bojan will step up.
Barca is not a club that needs to buy world class players to stay on the top. We make world class players. If Ribery comes how would young players evolve, especially Bojan?

I'm sorry, I just don't agree with Ribery transfer. We are not Real Madrid.

mike said...

Leon: I think those types of players are not on Txikis radar. We seem to prefer players like van persie, malouda, hleb who are already at big clubs and would cost alot even if they are not all that good. When we bought Henry instead of Ribery, it is typical, we go for the players that are more well-known. I don't think players like Fanni, Srna and others are very well known to Txiki. i doubt he has even heard of them.

barca4life said...

Goals are not everything but take out 11 of henry's crucial goals (ribery scored 14 last season) against valencia lyon etc and where would we be? The point is we have won more than any other point in barca history now and all we here is what we did wrong. And if you think valencia would have accepted 33 million for silva you are sadly mistaken.

Finally if we had bought ribery what would we have done with ronaldinho? You people have short memories. Ronaldinho was our top scorer and we had finished tied on points with madrid but lost the league title on head to head the season before we bought ribery. Would you have just thrown him away? He had scored 21 goals in 32 la liga games that season and taken us on his back that season. We should have just dumped him for ribery right?

HouseMD said...

@ James: you asked "What if Hleb ended up being a star?"
Yes, you never know. But, that's job for scouts, isn't it? So, we can accuse them for money wasting, right? You don't buy players over Internet or Youtube images.
Only thing that's pointless is arguing over these issues which we can't resolve.

ZenI said...

I don't understand why Real Madrid would go after RIbery? They just bought CR, they have Robben and Kaka?
So they want to play CR, Robben, Kaka and Ribery on the midfield?

Dolce said...

Messi had an injury- free season but still he started only 27 La Liga games, that tells how important it would be to have a proper back-up for him on a bench. Did Messi whine that he was forced to skip several games? No! So its very stupid to ask: "where would we put Ribery?" He is so versatile that he can rotate both with wingers and midfielders. Now if Barca rests 3-4 top players, their quality of play drops dramatically and in final rounds even Mallorca and Osasuna did beat Barca who rested their stars. Its useful to have some squad players but using them should not automatically mean dropping points. Hleb should leave! Barca must spend big at least on one player this summer and after the Eto'o case is decided(he can stay but if he leaves then Zlatan and Forlan are only good options now that Villa is RM bound), the team needs only a left back. Barca has some guiding principles like not having a shirt sponsor but in monetary terms it doesnt make any sense, this is only one of the reasons why Barca cant spend like RM who has also a bit bigger tv deal with a Catalan company(!) than we do. Dont forget that last summer RM bought only VDV and Garay plus Huntelaar & Lass in January but they sold Robinho for 40 million

LeónDragón Philos said...

took some time to think about some points...
when real or other clubs buy players like kaka, cristiano, diego, etc, it is because they need those type of players with creativity because it's a rarity in their team.
but we at barcelona can say, that creativity is nearly no problem for us, having enough with players like iniesta, xavi, messi and even toure as a defensive midfielder.
we don't need that big names
what we can do is buying that type of players who extend our possibilities, for example, lisandro who's technically not the strongest like villa or ibra, but who don't need also much chances to score after the many passes he would get when our strikers have a bad day and who's not called a star, but nevertheless a beast on the front, hungry, surely non-problematic by sitting also on the bench for rotation, not infected by praises from the world-media (if his prize is right)
fanni, hernanes were also just examples for players who are talented without being stars, but who give more possibilities.
even benayoun would be good for that prize,believe,after thought about it
like ramzi said, even if we start without new signings, and on this one he's a 100% right, we surely have a strong team that won the treble. so i think buying players, who also accept a bench role, but nevertheless are talented without being stars could be more worthy for our team, to also maintain the harmony we build and that made us so succesful...
but, whatever happens, so or so, i'll be barcafan too next season, no matter who plays.
so why losing to much energy for anger or wishes.
hope for the best, whatever it is
(hope i stay with this opinion. at least i do til' my blood gets hot again :)
ONE LOVE, to all cules around the globe...BARCA IS BIGGER THAN ALL THE BIGHEADS, and we can be proud of being a part of it...
everybody in the game...stay the same!!!!!

blaugrana1 said...

LEeónDragón Philos,,, u and Ramzi shud really look at the BIGGER picture !! YES, we have a great squad, but it would be stupid, reckless and dangerous if barca enters the new season having only bought benchwarmers!!! we need first team players (starters)..u think if the same team plays with no changes, next season we would win anything??

Refreshing the squad, getting hunger and eagerness back to the team is the important step ! pff at this "like ramzi said, even if we start without new signings, and on this one he's a 100% right, we surely have a strong team that won the treble. so i think buying players, who also accept a bench role, but nevertheless are talented without being stars could be more worthy for our team, to also maintain the harmony we build and that made us so succesful..." HELLOOOO we need new startes not benchsitters to compete year on year !

LeónDragón said...

where were you last year when barca won the treble?
sure we need refreshments, but again, said not "benchwarmers"...spoke about players who are also willing to sit on the bench for rotation, that's a big difference. eagerness and ego is also a difference and with big stars you have to look carefully what you get. so this must be done soberly. chelsea, mancity and others bought the stars, but clubs like manu, liverpool or barca were the most impressive teams.
p.s. that was my opinion and not what ramzi exactly said, just to let him out of this critic

LeónDragón said...

one thing again to you,'s also a difference when your team is build with own talents or full of football-mercenaries
at barca, the most players we have, played nearly all their life for barca. players that come up from our youth, so, i don't think that, that kind of players lose their hunger so quick, having blaugrana in their blood, different to other teams, who are full of only brought-from-outside-players
valdes, pique, puyol, xavi, iniesta, messi, bojan and the youth, play with their heart for barca and not only for glory or money, they need to be motivated with

LeónDragón said...

just look at manu or liverpool, who are also exemplary, how many "stars" they bought and who, over the last years and have a look how they played or competed. and then compare it with chelsea, real, etc.
that should answer your question

Anonymous said...

ribery is the most important player for barca. then it should be somebody for left defence and somebody to replace toure, iniesta cause they cant play all the season.




that would be awsome. and somebody for xavi and iniesta.. fabregas maybe but him i think next year!

Anonymous said...





sorry I forgot about yaya :PPPP

Messi108 said...

How many times has it bin explained ??
zhirkov will not play as a LB. He will only play as a winger and Ribery >>>>>> zhirkov.

Marws said...

I'm sorry too say that Ribery probably won't go to Barca. A left wing is not the first priority for Barca, even though it would be good. Bayern wants as much as they can get for their star. Now that Manu has sold Ronaldo for 100 million, a winger will be one of their first priority, plus that they have much money that they can spend. It has been said on their website that they are willing of putting a bid of 65 million euro for Ribery.

I think that Ribery would prefer to play for Barca, but would Bayern accept a 40 million euro offer from Barca when they can get 15 million more?

inieeeeeeeeeesta said...

man u already made an approach today for wigan's valencia.

real will not be THAT ambitious to have robben ronaldo kaka ribery

chelsea isn't that attractive, ribery prefers spain

so barça won't have to worry about other clubs


don't think ribery is the best option- i'd prefer zhirkov, mata or silva

they aren't stars yet but certainly will be- great for their cost and they can come on whenever the older players (henry, eto'o?, zlatan? forlan?) get tired

i would like bruno saltor from almeria (what happened to his situation?? no news)


and felipe melo or hernandes

if valdes pushes to hard=> asenjo

so you get:

Asenjo 5
Bruno Saltor 0
Felipe 10
Hernanes/ Melo 15
Mata/ Silva/ Zhirkov 25

so you get 55 million minus guddy (please do get rid of him!)

what do you guys think?

James said...

Valdes is definitely pushing hard. He's asking for 9 million euros per year. Asenjo probably will ask for 1.5 million.

blaugrana1 said...

LeonDragon,,,i agree.

But you have to remember that the club is also a business. Why do you think Real earns way more than us? its because of there star players they get. Im not saying splash out cash and get players. Neither am i saying that barca dont have stars..hell i rate most of our players who came out the ranks higher than kaka AND ronaldo.

I am just saying that we need to buy players to renew the hungerness within the squad. In addition, getting Ribery is not for the hell of just getting a star player, its firstly because he is has energy much like messi and puyol - spirit. look at his game, IMHO i think he can add alot to our already incredible squad. PLUS, the revenue we can get out of him is incredible.

Thanks and didnt mean to cause a stir ;)

Anonymous said...

9m a year?? That is crazy in the extreme! He shouldn't even get half of that. Iniesta and Xavi are waaaaay more important than Valdes. Where do Valdes get these ideas from? 9m, what a joke. If he doesn't accept 3.5m then he should leave.

Marws said...

Well said blaugrana1, I totaly agree with you.


I hope Manu don't want to go for Ribery, but I'm not confinced. About Ribery/Mata/Zhirkov/Silva, Ribery is the best option. First, I think Mata would be awesome in Barca, but have people forgotten that he comes from the Real-academy? don't want him here, just like he probably don't want to come here.

Zhirkov and Silva would be fine, but I don't think Zhirkov would fit as good in barca as Ribery, and I don't like Silva. I feel Silva would fit better in Real than in Barca.

Don Luis said...

We can land Ribery for 40M euro's if not offer guddy or hleb for him.

How many new bandwagon and glory hunters we have now? omg...
We can tell who are the real cules and who are the fake cules...

Viva Barsa.

inieeeeeeeeeeesta said...

not the best comment ever don luis

1 40 isn't enough dixit rummenigge
2 they aren't interested in hleb or guddy (van gaal said so)
3 only crazy offers would do (<60 mil)
4 you can tell who is fake and who isn't? why is that? because they have different opinions? mmmmm 8-)

Ljubo said...

i think big spending madrid is just what we need. Its great motivation for the guys..... we don need anyone just hleb to stay and to fully adopt and with samo young reinforcements in Gai and Krkic we are good. i would only like it if we land Zhirkov

LeónDragón said..., would also love to see ribery at barca. when i had enough money, i would buy him from my pocket

LeónDragón Random Phantom said...

why not players who played for madrid...luis enrique, who was for me, one of our best, etoo and in the past others came from madrid to barca and otherwise. it ain't where you from is where you at

LeónDragón Handsome Ransom said...

don luis, don't take it personal, but when real cules would be found of how they write "barca", you would have bad cards, when you write it with a "s" instead of a "c" bar"c"a

Ono said...

@ blaugrana1
"getting hunger and eagerness back"
You do know that new season hasn't even started yet? How can you talk about hunger and eagerness when no one knows what will happen? These players are professionals and above all they all love Barca. I can guarantee that. They will die on the pitch like they did this season.

@ Marws
Luis Enrique was also a madridista, so what? Mata would be great. Judging and dissmising before he is even a Barca player is crazy. The pitch is the only thing we should use in judging a player. Focus on the present forget the past.

I agree with Ljubo, Real like this is a great motivation for the players.

Sune said...

Valdes didn't ask for €9m... His agent asked for him to be put in the same wage bracket as Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol at €5m..

Marws said...


Yes Mata would be awesome in Barcelona, I'm sure. BUT... Isn't it a bit risky buying a Madridista? Unless if he left Madrid couse he didn't like them I don't see him joining Barca. PLUS. If he has been a Madridista and joins Barca, that shows lack of loyalty. With a young player like Mata loyalty is important.

Well Mata wouldn't be as bad as Robinho. Seriously that guy is a whore. First in Real, than to Man City. Btw anyone heard that Daniel Alves has said in media that he thinks Barca should buy Robinho. Bläh.

Acctualy didn't know about Luis Enrique.

Ono said...

He has the pitch to prove himself. If we would bring him, that would mean that Madrid didn't want him. A motive for him to prove them wrong. And where is the better place for that then at their bitter rivals.

I don't agree with you on Robinho. He partly financed his transfer to Madrid which clearly shows he wanted to play and not to earn. Transfer to City was Madrid's fault not Robinho's. City made a lot higher offer then Chelsea and club accepted it. Robinho had two choices: to stay in Madrid where he wasn't wanted or to go to City and play regurarly.

Not knowing about Luis Enrique is not something you should say out loud :D

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