Saturday, 13 June 2009

Mallorca goalkeeper Moya confirms interest

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Mallorca goalkeeper Miguel Angel Moyá (25) confirmed the interest in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1:

"I didn't talk directly with Barcelona, but they made contact in two different ways. The first time when Barça played against us alst month after they had won the Liga.

And the second time a few weeks ago through my agent. He told me that it's an option I shouldn't reject. I guess the asking price will be a little less than last year when Valencia was interested, especially because Mallorca needs money.

When I was informed about the interest of Barcelona I was of course delighted. The truth is that I had four good games to end the season. I've recovered very well from my injury and I've again picked up the rhythm. If Barcelona has noticed me, it should mean that they've seen something interesting in me and I think I can compete with Valdés.

I wouldn't mind having to rival with him for one spot. We'll have to take a close look at the offer to see if it convinces me. I suppose that it's highly unlikely I'll play from the start because there's no doubt about Valdés. I know it will be very difficult but I'm young and my priority is to play always."

In an interview with Baleares regional television station IB3, Moyá also left the door open for other teams: "It's not just a rumour because Barcelona apparently wants to sign a goalkeeper and I would be an option because they are looking for a young goalkeeper, who still can make progress and who has experience in the Liga.

And there aren't a lot players with those characteristics. I seem to be one of them. I wouldn't have a problem with starting as back-up. Of course, when I would have a similar offer from another club that is also competing for the prizes and where I would have more chances to play, I would prefer that option."

Baleares regional newspaper Ultima Hora claims that Barcelona officials have informally asked about the situation of the Spanishgoalkeeper during the official dinner before the league game on 17 May. Barcelona could make an offical move in the coming weeks.

Spanish news agency EFE claims that Moyá is one of the two player Mallorca will certainly sell because of the financial situation of the club. Although several clubs, among which Barcelona, would have shown interest in Moyá, the club didn't yet receive any concrete bids. Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Mallorca would be ready to accept an offer of around 5-6 million euro°.

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pep said...

5-6 million euro =

7-8,5 million us dollar
4,5-5 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone confirms that we have contacted a player. Zlatan isn't moving because we wont pay for him so that meeting with Laporta and Moratti doesn't count. Laporta is now back from the U.S.A. so I think we should see our first signing soon.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Asenjo for GK... seriously man, he is great, the next Casillas for sure! Lightning quick response, strong hand and have a good catch. Also he is really cheap! his buyout clause is only 5mil euro! He is certainly better than Moya and Valdes, I would rate him as the same to Diego Alves and Diego Lopez.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

asenjo is good but he is not ready to compete with valdes he wants to join not as a back up ..this guy can be good ..we he wants to compete..!

ej said...

sign then mya and asenjo (if aseno bayout only 5 M)

release valdez .

moya sunds like he is willing to fight for a spot so let him fight with aseno and the better gk will be ou future GK

ej said...

guys what about huntler from RM ?

maybe we can buy him .

although i doubt perez will sell players to barca

Anonymous said...

ej: we should not be looking in the trash can after Real Madrid has eaten.

Regarding Asenjo: He is waaay to cheap for us to consider. It would not be a typical move by us. We would probably go for a 30 year old who is "proven".

Anonymous said...

No Barthez is better.

Anonymous said...


Asenjo will only sign for us if he's guaranteed a starting position, if Valdes doesn't renew. Things aren't so straight forward when you're not playing Football Manager.

Anonymous said...

The whole point about signing a new goalkeeper is if valdes doesn't renew. We have complete trust in Pinto and Ruben has just been promoted as 3rd keeper. If valdes leaves, we will go for someone "proven" like a 30 year old mediocre goalkeeper from La Liga, not a huge talent for 5m euros.

Barca nike said...

next year because of the new president barca will do the same thing as madrid are doing this year,
can laporta become president again later on ?

paul said...

no, laporta has to leave after two periods. and we will not buy like madrid are doing this year, we dont have the money that madrid somehow has managed to get.

Anonymous said...

If you take Real Madrid's debts and FC Barcelona's debts into account, they don't have that much more than us. They get most of their money from loans and their president has a second job.

Erik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sashi said...

ej n anon : u wanna throw out VV? u guys must be totally crazy!

Barca nerd-fan said...

What do you mean, Asenjo's not proven? He played great throughout the season( not his fault against Barca when Valladolid let in quite a few goals).

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