Sunday, 19 July 2009

Gudjohnsen waiting for Guardiola meeting

Asked about the rumours of his transfer exit, Barcelona midfielder and Icelandic international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30) told Catalan sports paper Sport,

"Things that have been published are false, such as my potential exit depending on my son's future in the academy or that Pep has told me to find a new team.

I have not spoken to Guardiola since the end of the league months ago. I am waiting to have a conversation with him before deciding my future"

Gudjohnsen pointed out his similar situation last year, "Everyone had said during my holidays that I would be sold, but when I spoke to Pep the first day back to training he told me he counted on me."

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Jnice said...

Just leave man.

Anonymous said... simply aren't good enaugh for Barca...

Exarch said...

Please just go.

ark. said...

in my opinion he is capable enough for covbering others in the middle

LeónDragón said...

he's a good boy, good teammate with loyalty, but he's more like a magician than a good footballer, as he managed to stay that long at barca.
for everyone with a quiet sober-thinking head, it's clear that he never found his place at barca and that his game is a 1000% fruitless, as never was a help too.
he has a good character, but if his character would be strong enough, he had realized earlier, when it's time to go and not accepting a bench role with so rarely playtime.
for barca it would be time to carry off this weight and make way for someone, who can add more to this squad, even as a substitute, as gudjohnsen was never someone you could bring to change any.
not only my opinion, but the truth!

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