Thursday, 23 July 2009

Manchester City officially confirmed for Gamper

Barcelona has officially announced that the club will face English Premier League club Manchester City in the 44th Joan Gamper Trophy in August. City has meanwhile confirmed the news.

The official presentation of the FC Barcelona squad for the 2009-10 season will take place at the Joan Gamper on 19 August, after having played the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Bilbao the previous weekend.

read more about Barcelona's previous games against Manchester City here

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wanted47 said...

exactly the kind of match we need before the CL begins

fcbee said...

Interesting game fore sure. It's just that's it's between two super cup games... But guess City also has the EPL coming up.

jazzy said...

city has like a full team of strikers.. LOL. robinho, santa cruz, tevez, bojinov, bellamy, adebayor.. who else? ;)
city is really giving us a help, signing tevez, so MU wont be as strong. adebayor too.
and "approaching" xabi alonso a little so RM would be hard to get him. and now we have a match w/ them. thats nice :D
too bad they are going to loose :D

tero said...

LOL craig bellamy is crap,bragged so much before a national team match against Finland and bashed my country players...Finland won 2-0 and bellamy was totally useless.About ManC,it's a good match but really we should have no problem

Marc4barca said...

depending on who we play. we might not take this so seriously.

jazzy said...

but its the Gamper, Our trophy. so i think we would be aiming for a win nonetheless.

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