Friday, 24 July 2009

Henrique's blog: part 2

Barcelona central defender Henrique Adriano Buss (22) evaluates his first training session as a member of the Barca first team during the preseason visit to England.

"We’ve been here in Marlow for two days now and so far it hasn’t rained during any of the training sessions. In these early sessions we’ve been working pretty hard on defensive aspects. The boss gets us defenders together and sends us off to do a number of positioning exercises. This is all new to me because up to now when I had done defensive training in other teams all the players did it at the same time whereas here we do it separately. Guardiola talks a lot during these exercises – he encourages us when we do it right and he corrects us if we make a mistake - and I think that helps us a lot. I haven’t stopped learning since I got here.

We’re also playing training matches on very small pitches. I’ve done this exercise in Brasil and I think it’s really useful and even more so when you have to face so many talented players, as we have here in Barça. For example, I’ve been up against Messi in some of the training matches. During my time in Brasil I had to face some really fast and skilful players but nobody like him.

Keirrison is arriving in Barcelona on Thursday. I know him very well because we played together for four years at Coritiba, before I moved to Palmeiras. We know each so well because we even keep in touch during the holidays and usually see each other. He’s a really fast forward and very technical – he knows how to finish off a move, he takes his chances and that’s basic in a centre forward. I wish him all the best.

There’s only 24 hours left before my Barça debut and I’m not at all nervous. We’re playing at Wembley, an historic stadium. I know that Barça won the Club’s first European Cup here and it has a special meaning for the fans. I’ve only played in London once before at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s ground, in a friendly with the national side. I’m looking forward to seeing Wembley. Not long to go.

See you tomorrow"


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tero said...

I wonder if he's in starting 11 today

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your life

SJP said...

ha, he's been in england for two days and is surprised it hasn't rained! it doesn't rain ALL summer!

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