Friday, 24 July 2009

Friendly 1: Tottenham-Barcelona 1-1

Jorquera (45 Pinto)

Montoya (45 Dalmau)
Cáceres (45 Henrique)
Fontàs (45 Muniesa)
Abidal (45 Espasandín)

Víctor Sánchez (45 Jonathan)
Touré (45 Rueda)
Gudjohnsen (45 Keita)

Pedro (45 Jeffren)
Bojan (45 Rochina)
Gai (45 Edu Oriol)

32 Bojan 0-1
82 Livermore 1-1


yellow cards


out of match squad

still on holiday
Dani Alves



barca nike said...

supposed to be Jorquera(Pinto)

E said...

I think Montoya did great, he can be our future right back...Fontas does remind me of Piqué, same style. Muniesa also did great. Pedro, Bojan & Gai had some nice moves too, but the last 2 need some muscles. Nice dribble from Touré. Edu Oriol & Espasadin have no future in the 1st team. Rochina, Jonathan (great partnership!), wil have a good future...Dalmau will have too, but hes too young.

Etsp said...



barcaISbest said...

i liked what i saw from gai...his dribbling was pretty nice. dos santos lookd really good to me too along with rochina (he has flair!) i dunno y E says that about Oriol...i thought he looked promising. i want to see more of rochina and dos santos tho

Anonymous said...

how come we buyed injured player?

Unknown said...

ETSP --->> add ibrahimovich to the list !!!

Anonymous said...

i'm impressed muniesa so much.
he will be mixture of puyol and marquez maybe.
jonathan also good to me.

pep said...

He's not badly injured, just doing a specific program. Henry still didn't recover from end-of-last-season's injury, like Marquez and Iniesta, Hleb also has some troubles.

bob said...

how did henrique perform guys?

Iason said...

Good match! Im happy Tottenham had to use some of their best players and use less subs just to tie our youth team. Pinto, Keita, Caceres, Henrique, and Toure were the players that arent from our youth teams that played. Jonathan and Rochina looked especially promising I saw a lot of improvement from Pedro. We really need some faster Defenders though. We were easily outrun at times.

etoto said...

I liked Jeffren & Pedro. Just like last year's pre-season, I sense great potential in them. However, Henrique played really mediocre. I think he was partially responsible for that equalizer. Well, it's just the first pre-season match so he has plenty of time to prove himself :)

Unknown said...

did u guyz notice henrique ? i am afraid another caceras or hleb in the making, y dont they scout well b4.

Anonymous said...

Henrique was partly at fault for the equalizer but otherwise he looked good. The goal had a hint of offside to it and also the keeper should have claimed it anyway.

Etsp said...

thanks for clearing that up pep, much appreciated. Hope the guys are all stitched up for the start of the season!
praths, i think it's too early to judge him by just this one game, remember that barca-football is really difficult to adapt to.

Mido said...

very good match

sho said...

wow. What can I say.

It was a good game but I wish the "KILLERS" played some part. I love Muniesa and Dos Santos.
Good to see the boiz in person

Mido said...

i was impressed by many youngsters like:
1-Pedro:he can be back up for messi
2-fontas:i agree he looks like pique in everything and had a good match
3-v.sanchez: good match but need aloan maybe
4-gai:excellent talent
5-muniesa:he will be the best defender in the world oneday but still need some experience maybe aloan but he is still young
6-jonathan: Iliked him so much Idont think we should sign a midfielder but we should promote him
7-rochina:looked good
there are also some bad things like:
1- henrique:was awful especially in passing I think he didnt have a correct pass but he will adapt to style
2-rueda:did he play? I didnt see him
3-Jeffren: I love him but he didnt play well and should have scored so loan him keep pedro as a messi backup
We should now search for only a good left wing player and we shouldnt spend any money on midfielders or a defender only an excellent left winger maybe ashley young?I love him can play on both wings but willvilla sell?i dont think so

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Henrique can explain his performance in the blog? Will he use excuses? In my opinion, there are no excuses for such performance. Horrific! How much money did he cost?

Anonymous said...

Henrique wasn't as bad as you made him out to be. And Gai wasn't as good as everyone hyped him up to be.

Unknown said...

@etsp i agree the style is difficult but his perf was miles behind even our own canteras ? wasnt it why we sent him to leverkusen to learn ? Anyways i hope you are rite and it performs better in coming matches.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

For some reason I liked Oriol. Not impressive or anything, but he showed that he has the speed for La Liga. He should be good in like 4-5 years

Anonymous said...

rating here

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

Damn I thought Oriol is a kid he's 22. Well on another note, I like how Toure showed affection for Bojan finishing off the goal. For anyone who dares kick bojan will have to face the wrath of the Toure.

Anonymous said...

Toure needs to lose some weight as I feel his stamina is not up to it at the moment. He has quite abit of fat on him.

Barca>madrid said...

Toure is all muscle hes not fast but he doesnt have to be he just had mad Skillzzzz!!

Anonymous said...

Toure is fast, he is very fast, like a train, but he is far from "all muscle", there is quite much fat on him.

Anonymous said...

Toure should be the CM. He can use his attributes more as a CM, as he is the best all-round football player in the world, he has everything. His offensive firepower is too much "hidden" when playing DM.

If we buy new central defender, Marquez can be full-time DM with Busquets. And Toure can be CM and also be backup for Xavi and Iniesta at AM. So new central defender instead of new attacking midfield backup, creates a new attacking midfield backup in Toure.

He gives us distance shooting and he is also a goalscoring threat inside the box with his runs. A busbreaker.

Barcaliator said...

Congratulations 1st to the youths who participated in this game, really it was a nice and fantastic game they played, with the full backing of the senior players. I cant remember all by their names but i was very impressed as they held the home team with their full sqaud in it.

Anonymous said...

Yaya Toure = BusBreaker
Bojan = Silent Killer

tero said...

Barca played very well considering that the team was basically a barca b...pedro and montoya impressed me much

Zeli said...

Good game, but we need compare it with opponent team...What's about Tottenham lineup? How much players from the first team did played yesterday? I don't follow this team, I only know Modric, Keane, Defoe..If more than a half were first choise, so it's great performance...

Manolo said...

Muniesa did very well, his passings was very good. Nothing like Cáceres but I guess every singel guy from La Masia can pass and dribble..
He looked very mature and relaxed.
Had som mark problems though,
Could well be our next Puyol

Jonathan was very good, didnt shot to much skills but he do got some realy good vision. good partnership with Rochina who showed up that he is a very technical striker. And his tall for gods sake ;P

beeds said...

Rochina can learn a thing or two from Ibra.. :D
and Muniesa.. his only 17 isnt he?? i repeat.. 17!.. whens the last time you see a CENTER BACK shows that much talent at 17? lol.. :D

SJP said...

@zeli - tottenham's 1st half team was as strong as it could have been, two first choice CB injured and keane being rested till 2nd half, other than that it was full strength.

pedro is def good enough to be back up to messi and muniesa looked good. bit disappointed in gai and jeffren. people are really being too hard on henrique. it was his first 45 mins of a barca career and already people are saying he is a flop. with fans like these who needs enemies!!

interesting point - our team made up of primarily cantera products, harry's youth products all from other clubs (crystal palce, leeds etc), thats the EPL for you!

Zeli said...

Thanks, SJP!)

Looking for the second game. Celtic defeat Al Ahly 5-0. So, It seams youth players have good chance to score and show attacking football.

jordy said...

guys, we shouldn't judge henrique on one (and his first) barça performance. It's normal, give him some time.
pedro should be the fix back up for messi. the boy has skills.
I think we should use these guys to. for me it's not needed to get more reinforcements. i see a lot of youngster with potential, they just need time to grow and some chances to play first team football.
the attack should be
henry/bojan zlatan messi
bench : jeffren bojan pedro. also jeffren can enter the first team squad. during the season also gai should be given some playing time.
iniesta xavi tour
bench: keita busquets sanchez
during african cup, thiago or dos santos can easily play along.even victor vazquez but i believe he's injuried at the moment. but he's really good.
abidal pique puyol alves
bench: maxwell henrique marquez (milito)
as long as milito is injuried you can give montoya or muniesa some playing time. last year we had no left back defender back up, and also caceres didn't play. so now we have a lb backup and henrique so why should we need another defender..
we shouldn't sell caceres, he has speed, tackling and strength like no other

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