Thursday, 23 July 2009

Valdes: I demand the most from myself

Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes (27) spoke for the first time in a press conference after officially signing his contract renewal earlier this month (read more here):

"They won’t be demanding more because of my new contract. I’m the one who demands the most. At Barça they demand the very best."

Valdes also echoed comments made by teammate Andres Iniesta on Tuesday (read more here) with regards to complacency: "We have gone through some unrepeatable times and going back to all that is a thrill. But we must not make the mistake of over-relaxing. We have the experience of 2006, when the year after we didn’t win anything. We have to change our habits to make sure the team keeps working enthusiastically."

read more from the press conference here

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tero said...

Five top saves in a game,people will thank you.One mistake in a game,they want you out.

Anonymous said...

it is tero.
save us against Chelsea you are a hero.take the ball inside the goal with your own hands against 'pool and we are going to shoot you.
he has to get used to pressure at big clubs where a mistake costs 40 million dollars.
but he is not complaining, he actually asked for more money which means he thinks he can do better. so let's see.

Anurag said...

Good luck, VV. The games against Chelsea have made me stop criticising him completely.

Barca>madrid said...

i personally think that most gollies would have the same problem as Valdes i think whats happening is that barca really doesn't get attacked that much cause there all up on the other side of the field that when it finally happens he gets caught off guard

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