Saturday, 25 July 2009

Barça Chat Record!

Hey culés!

We had our first Live Match Chat session yesterday against Tottenham Hotspurs in the Wembley Cup. It was great seeing the old chatters back again and meeting all the new ones.

It was understandable that everyone missed watching Barça play and the turnout for the first preseason friendly game was astonishing. The all-time record for most chatters in the chatroom was broken in the first chat session of the season. Last season, the record was 75 chatters which was set during the Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona clásico (which ended 2-6!). The new record of 90 chatters chatting in the chatroom smashed the previous record.

The top 10 chatters from the first friendly game were: barca4life (610 lines), knivesout (561 lines), omarx (383 lines), ekar (305 lines), Engineer (244 lines), Shekhu (238 lines), harshawardhan (232 lines), FC_BARCA (150 lines), rafouka (139 lines), and Emilfu (117 lines).

I would also like to introduce the official chat moderating team for the new season. The team consists of: barca4life, harshawardhan, Stigsby, Engineer, KnivesOut, and NouBarca.

A few tips for the chat:
- Anonymous chatters, to change your nickname type: /nick "new nickname"
- For a live stream link type: !link
- For the team lineups type: !lineup
- For the score type: !score
- For further questions or concerns please contact a moderator or omarx

Special thanks to pep for everything he has done, the moderators for carrying those heavy hammers (lol!), Koach (from for providing the chat servers for us to use, and YOU for your continuous support.



P.S. Our next chat session will start tomorrow, sunday, at 12:30 pm barcelona time, two hours before the second pre-season friendly against Al-Ahly. See you at: Don't miss the action!


blaugrana1 said...

Any news regarding ibra..isnt he supposed to be in barcelona by saturday?

pep said...

No, on Sunday. Medical and presentation most probably on Monday.

Unknown said...

...Sunday, for medical tests.

rafouka said...

hello omar x,i am the rafouka guy u banned in the chat room u remember.i am one of the most consistent folowwers of this blog and everything about barca in general.i dunno why u banned me but what i know is that i am innocent and didn't do anything wrong at least thats what i believe.i think its only a misunderstanding and i don't even know the reason 4 being it because i used caps or because i annoyed someone.plz i would like to know.and i am looking forward to hear from u again.BTW if u banned me once can i use the same nickname again?or did u ban my ip address?plz u have to reconsider my situation and i am ready to cooperate.and the problem is that i cant use another name and i have to go to the chat room again on sunday.and ty all.visca all the people who r aiming for the future of this blog.

Harshawardhan said...

hey omar great work on the links like !link and !lineup
amazingly appreciated..
i am so happy the chat room is back..
thanks to you and pep and koach.
looking forward to a good time with the new team!

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

Why didn't you mention me in the post? I am the coolest guy in the whole chatroom.

Benvinguts, said...

video of the day candidate..
we should all consider ourselves extremely lucky.

Ljubo said...

great work guys

sashi said...

great work team. kool idea about getting the line up and links.

and about rafouka, i would like to know wat happened... he is a fan who is willing to co-operate with the terms of the blog n the chat room. may be u can take it into consideration Omarx.

and i_love_boobs, i dono whether u were the coolest guy, but u sure have a cool nick! :)

Unknown said...

Man.. great video of Ibra. Does this guy has eyes on the back of him. Seem to score impossible goals at will at any angles and positions. Man.. does Perez miss this one big time...

0marX said...

Rafouka, you know exactly why you were banned. You were warned multiple times by the moderators and myself but you wouldn't stop. Next time, when you're told something is rude and annoying by the moderators listen to them and don't argue and ruin everyone elses experience.
The ban is lifted but in the future please follow the general chat rules.

Unknown said...

Thanks Calling.

To OmarX and Chat team, thanks for the chat service. Can't keep up with those chatty guys tho.

Unknown said...

Great work guys .. I really loved the chat room experience .. good to meet people from other places who love the same club. Lets break some more records together ..

Regarding banning people .. Omar .. I think it would be nice if you frame some rules regarding this and giving some warnings like strike 1, and you have 2 strikes left :P etc .. But great job buddy

Shekhu said...

moi didnt get the hammer :(

sashi said...

hey Calling dude and others who have watched the Ibra video, wats the deal about Ibra going and banging at some defender around 6.35 ??? anyone? doing something like tat needs balls and am sure he's got 'em!

tero said...

Rafouka got banned because he said that hleb is better than iniesta :D peace rafouka

Shekhu said...

hahah ^^^

Unknown said...

Yea Sashi. LOL kinda like a bully on a playground don't it?

rafouka said...

i repeat 4 the 1 thousand time iniest is better than hleb.
but i repeat too that hleb is a super-sub and can add a lot to the squads depth.thats why i'd rather keep my message clear to everyone.
and to omar x thank u for understanding.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

More like strength up top. Who would want to pick a fight with barcelona knowing we have Yaya,Zlatan,Keita,Pique (Although Pique is a clown), Puyol (like an angry pitbull if you get him mad).

rafouka said...

don't forget abidal too he's a nice fighter.
hey omar x how can i offer help on this blog can i write u some editorials and u can decide if they r worth being published.i can get news too.i speak many languages.i can take the frensh league things if u want.waiting 4 ur reply.

sashi said...

je m'appelle, Keita is like a baby in a big man's body. he might look tall and muscular but i haven't seen him angry or mad for anything. but definitely others in ur list are.

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