Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Official players' pictures (part 1)

Víctor Valdés

José Manuel Pinto

Albert Jorquera

Rafael Márquez


Martín Cáceres

Eric Abidal


Yaya Touré


MohamedH said...

YaYa Toure seems to be the happiest of the bunch... :)

barca nike said...

maybe because of his new contract =p

barca nike said...

Valdes is the one that never smiles

Anonymous said...

Valdes never smiles? I don't think I've EVER seen Abidal smile... I would hate to run into him in a dark alley.

Also, is it me or has Yaya gained some weight? I hope he doesn't pull a Ronaldinho...

peter said...

The new shirts are sooo much better looking than last seasons.

Nicholas Gaffney said...

yaya toure always has a smile on his face :P

jazzy said...

people like abidal needs "the stare" to intimidate people, but THE YAYA just needed to smile to show that he can OWN anybody.. ;)

Anurag said...

I think last season's 50:50 jersey was AWESOME.

This time's is ok, not at all bad. Especially when you look at the jobs done by Chelsea and Man Yoo. Chelsea look like they have put man boobs and Man Yoo is well, GAY.

tero said...

Yaya is all muscle

mario ch said...

I actually like the new madrid dress more than ours
(it makes sense cause they have to sell a few millions to finance their transfers)

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