Saturday, 25 July 2009

Barcelona's other Leo

Barcelona's official website reports that chef Leonardo Ortega has travelled to England with the FC Barcelona squad to ensure that the players' diets remain exactly the same: "The players should not notice the difference between what they eat here and what they eat in Barcelona. Taking the guidelines from the medical team, I control the amounts and the quality of the food. I create sample dishes so the local chefs can see exactly what is required."

Team doctor Ricard Pruna also commented on the presence of the chef: "Since last season we place a great deal of importance on diet. The players stay and have lunch in the sports complex and dine after games, and we think that food is a vital part of the recuperation and recovery of the players to prevent fatigue.

At times we found ourselves in hotels and they did not have things on the menu that we wanted and other things that were cooked differently. We also personalise the menu for each player. For example, any muslim players will not eat meat but will eat fish and we have to select the fish."

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Anonymous said...

Looks like he made a dish for a bird on the last picture. :D

tero said...

or from a bird

fcbee said...

Looks fish to me...

Kevin O said...

Lol. are the plates always so massive?

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