Saturday, 25 July 2009

Guardiola convinced Bojan to stay

Asked about his decision to stay at the club this summer (read more here), Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) has said at a press conference that he decided not to leave after having talked with Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola:

"I will fight to keep on learning and growing, with hope and excitement. Last season I didn't have many playing minutes but this year the coach told me that he counts on me and that he wants me to stay here. After having won so much with own youth players last year, you again start a new season surrounded by many youth players and then you realize that you will get chances here."

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barca nike said...

and i wanted u to stay because you can develop into a star player.

lawrenzo loves barca said...

Great prospect,should have scored the first time but i believe he will only get better

Unknown said...

I wanted you to be our Raul .. no no .. our del peiro

R10FCB said...

why would he even think twice? sure he might not of got as many minutes as last season but he is only 18, and is playing for barcelona. hope he turns into our raul/del piero and destroys madrid many years to come!

Albert said...

I believe in Bojan.
He can do it.
Has the thirst to better himself every game.
He is the second striker after Zlatan.

tero said...

We should believe in Bojan and he will be a huge star someday.We are lucky to have a prospect like Bojan

Anonymous said...

He's a good prospect but has a knack for hogging the ball.

I watched a video showing almost (if not) all of Barca's goals this season and just about all of Bojan's goals (particularly in the Cup final) could have been squared across goal for a simple tap in but Bojan decided to shoot around an oncoming defender when Eto'o would have had a 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper. It was a good goal dont get me wrong, but I really do hope he'd pass in those situations.

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid he just isn't going to make it.. Don't know why.. He hasn't got the mentality of a Messi, he's too shy, too afraid.. He's good, but not good enough..

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