Thursday, 23 July 2009

Eto'o agent confirms Inter deal

Josep Maria Mesalles, the agent of Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) has confirmed to journalists after a new meeting that Eto'o and Inter Milan have reached an agreement on a transfer:

"This is it. We have closed a deal between Eto'o and Inter. Eto'o talked to Mourinho yesterday and he's very happy. All the details are arranged. Now we only have one problem left with Barcelona about the bonus, but I'm optimistic about that. Next week this should be solved. Eto'o will arrive in Milan on Monday or Tuesday."

Inter sports director Marco Branca confirmed the deal to the journalists gathered outside the meeting place. Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Eto'o will arrive in Milan on Monday to sign a five-year deal worth 10,5 million euro a year.

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engelin said...

done and done! happy day!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! This was dragging for far too long...!

huggs said...

I for one will be glad when Etoo leaves Not because I want him to but because he will be Inters gain and our loss. Ib i don't rate as some of you do. When the german boys did the top 10 strikers last season 1 Messi 2 Etoo it still wasn't enough for a lot of us. So good luck etoo I be watching.

barca4life said...

Sigh they say the agent still has to go back to barcelona to close off some things and etoo won sign for inter till monday or tuesday. Its not over yet.

Anonymous said...

Though its sad to see eto'o leave, i for one reason will feel relaxed that this soap opera is finally over.

Adios leon and welcome Ibracadabra

Anonymous said...

to 30 goals
to the man who saved Barça in 2 finals of Champions League
to our best striker
to "Madrid cabron saluda al campeon" = his passion for this club

and welcome Ibrahimovic

sho said...

I am glad Sammu is leaving, like some1 said, not cos I dont like him or 8 him, its just that the saga lasted rather too long.

Bye Eto, would miss you.
Welcome Ibra.

NB: Just dashed to Niketown and I saw LOADS of people buying Barca jersey with "IBRAHIMOVIC 9".
it looked cool

dalwen said...

patience is a virtue

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

ano go support Inter when you like Eto'o that much!

WELCOMe IBRA !!! :-)))))))

Anonymous said...

so,we pay exit bonus to him?

know-all said...

Moratti will pay the bonus.

tero said...

Maybe this "conversation" ends when it's official.This deal has risen lots of whining and hatred...I hope we all can live with peace soon

Unknown said...

I hope he will continue his prolific goal scoring record, and I hope IBRA will be successful, cant imagine the scenario if IBRA doesnt click .. it scares the shit out of me.

Cule@Heart said...

"to 30 goals
to the man who saved Barça in 2 finals of Champions League
to our best striker
to "Madrid cabron saluda al campeon" = his passion for this club"

perhaps one valid claim here. 30 goals. but not the most on the team.

"saved Barça"? I didn't know we were dead or dieing at 0-0. And its seems like Inesita had a pretty amazing run to set up that goal.

"our best striker"? I think you mean Messi.

"passion for the club"? Maybe. But more likely it just shows his determination to get back at those he feels wronged him (Real first, us next).

All that said, it's not official till it's official.

Anonymous said...

"Now we only have one problem left with Barcelona about the bonus..."

Mesalles, the problem is you're f*ing greedy.

Cule@Heart said...

just to cover myself, i'm saying Messi had more goals in all comps.

Unknown said...

Mesalles said..

"We are happy and satisfied with the negotiations and our negotiations with Inter are finished,"

"The player is happy with the outcome. The only problem is with Barcelona"

What does that Pr**k mean by that?...its finished just go i know you'll miss barcelona but theres no reason to make excuses so you can keep on coming back to enjoy the sun and the city. Get a Life FOOL!!

Murphydhino said...

I am happy with this news ...Welcome Ibra....Madrid will see hell next season.

blaugrana_uk said...

rumour has it he will ask €4m euros bonus!

Anonymous said...

why does he want a bonus man..just leave man..any more of it and he will sure lose whatever miniscule respect the barca fans still have for him

ej said...

i have a solution:

barca should give him the bonus he want but he have to return all the gifts barca was givning him the whole years (i mean the none not mentioned in the contract)

fort example the mercedes he got extra last month

Marc4barca said...

Barca have good relations with almost every club hence why moratti has been so supportive of this transfer.

Marc4barca said...

lol ej you can't take away gifts especially since it was for his contribution to the season but you are right that people tend to forget all the good times and focu on the bad if that what you meant to say.

Unknown said...

theres no reason to hate or make comments about eto'o because to true cules he was a great player for our club, scored tonns of goals, and sure yes everyone makes mistakes and at times he acted selfishly but is there anyone who hasn't been selfish about something at some point. If he really wanted to be nasty he could have made this even more difficult but he didn't, he realised he wasn't wanted so he was happy to talk to inter...the exit bonus is something that unfortunately exists ad he is entitles to it so theres nothing wrong with that either.

Let him go wish him luck, welcome ibra hope you thrive and down with madrid!!

blaugrana1 said...

guys..lets be fair. We do not know what really happened behind closed doors..we dont know if etoo or the board were wrong.

AS FANSSS, we should thank eto'o as believe it or not but he did give his all for the club. True he had players around him, but he gave his all when NEEDED. He saved our asses a ton times!

Let us stop this garbage silly talks about greediness or is bull and you know it !


And for IBRA haters..pleaasee look at his goals ! I am sure he will adapt quick and get his hands on the CL. Good Luck.


ej said...


The Problem i have with etoo is his willing to do everything to harm people who he feels didnt treat him well ,the problem is he is not harming this people he is harming only barca by that and Barca have never did anything bad to him.

do you think that the extra money he want will come from laporta ?
its Barca money !!

and why to be so hateful toward a club like barca that payed him well all this years and gave him the chance to become a name in all the world.

he harm barca by making a scene , by trying to make things more complicated ....

blaugrana1 said...

@ ej.........Are you an idiot? Really i dont understand how they dont just delete your stupid comments!

WE do not know what reaallly happened!! And as for the exit bonus u imbecile ! Any player i repeat annyyy playerr who is sold BY his club coz they dont want him is given an exit bonus. Because it was barca who wanted him out before his contract and not him...So if barca dont want puyol and sell him before his contracts end they will also pay him an exit bonus!!

And dont say no he is demanding a high i said we do not know what really happens behind closed doors , all we hear is from media!

PEP or any of the team..PLEASE take my comments edit it and post it...As barca fans we should show people like ej that we do not need to bash every player who leaves...and its not like etoo decided to leave the club wanted him to leave..BUT AGAIN we do not reaaallly know!

ej said...

blaugrana you are the stupid one .

really stupid.

not every player get this and if it is written in the contract then there is no need in negotiationg but i am sure you are too stupid to understand this.

if etoo is getting a new contract that where he earn less money i think he should get the exitbonus but not when the club find the player a team who is offering much better contract.

its common for example when a team like getafe sign a player for 1 M Euro and the player become much better and getafe sell him for 20 M that the player get some bonus , but barca is sellingt etoo for almost 0 euro just to get rid of hiom.

and again if it was written in contract then there was no need to negotiate but i am sure your iq wont let u understand this .

just leave barca and go wiht your etoo

SJP said...

well said sanur.
etoo was was great, i'm sure he will destroy serie a. all the best.

ibra got a big shadow to fill lets hope we're all singing his praises at the end of the season.

blaugrana1 said...

There you said it.."just to get rid of him" ..may i ask why you are bashing eto'o then if the club want to get rid of him?

and btw ure a real immature prick. What a stupid comment " leave barca and go with your stupid etoo "

loool...look at my previous comment i said good luck etoo and welcome ibra.. like many have said a great champion is leaving but will be replaced surely by ibra.

ej said...

we are notin the training and we dont know what happens with etoo.

Here are some facts :
-Etoo had problem with Rijkard
-Etoo had Problem with Ronaldinho
-Etoo had Problem with PEP
(from insiderknowledge i have)
-Etoo had Problem with messi
-Etoo choose to get a yellow card before RM last season for not gto go there
-Etoo was sent off this seasoin from training
-Etoo make comments that he can keep in his mind like Barca is just a job for me
-Etoo attacks Barca Stuff member in public
-Etoo doesnt accept it when he get subed

I am sure Pep had thousend of other things he did , but guardiola didnt want to open a war in middle of a great season so he waited till the season end

the fact that he is a very good player and have a great skill in still The Stuff member want him out this speaks for his personality .

and please explain me , why etoo manager want to negotiate when the exitbonus is written in contract ?

FreakyThangs said...

Eto'o was a great striker. But to those saying that Eto'o had passion for Barcelona ? I don't know about you guys but I didn't forget when he said that his heart is only for Mallorca, while Barcelona is simply work for him :) ! Not to mention that he refused to say Visca El Barca like everyone else in the celebration speeches. He treats Barca simply like work and nothing more, so we are treating him the same way, completely professional. Well done Laporta, Goodbye and thank you Samu for all the goals, and Welcome Zlatan to the greatest club in the world :) !

Anonymous said...

Most of u in this blog can't even spell....Leave Eto alone. In 5 years he became 3rd all time scorer for the club..all some of you had to say was he had great players around him...So do Messi, Iniesta or Xavi. They won as a team. The only two seasons(06-07,07-08) when this man was recovering from injury, what exactly did the club win?? He still managed to score an astounding 27 goals out of 37 games for those two seasons. Some of you perpetually try to diminish the man's achievements, but you need to know that the only thing this man has not won is the world cup!!!Unfortunately for you haters History will cannot skip mentioning Eto when you talk about Barcelona.You phantasize about Ibra, but there is a difference between vying for personal glory and achieving immortality.Ibra has achieved personal glory(a couple of scudetos)but has not the immortality that Eto has achieved in Barca. He played only three full seasons in this club but he won three League titles and two CL becoming only the second to score in and win two finals!!!...Salute the CHAMPION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

FreakyThangs said

It is only a job. And the man did his job,what are you complaining about??

ej said...

anon call me what you want but i for sure dont hate eto o .

i am just dissapointed.
and after this all finish i will remember only the good things he done , but first he have to leave .

i didnt want ibra to come i was for aguero or etoo sign another 2 seasons but after the theater he did there was only the possibility for him to leave.

so thanks eto o and i only wish you had the personality of xavi or iniesta you would have played till 32 and thern become the coach of the first Barcelona Youth school in Cameron.

Anonymous said...

For all those who worship Guardiola....This dude is a control freak and here is my prediction...Ibra will perform well if Pep leaves him alone and lets him do his job...If Pep tries to subdue him as he constantly tried (but failed) with Eto, Ibra will become distracted and take his mind off the game. Great strikers have character. its a position of truth... a striker has to deliver or be delivered! A midfielder can achieve a great run and pass the ball. The striker has to finish the job...if he fails, then its all his fault.that is great resposibility and it demands attitude. Pep no doubt is a Barca Legend...but what gives him the right to deny another player from fulfilling Barcelona glory just like he did? Frankly, I don't think there will be another treble in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon...Pep is good but he needs to be blunt and honest at thesame time...I was unhappy about what he said during his press conference...You can't push out a striker who just got off his best season because of some "feeling" What ever your motivations are you need to fully disclose them. That is borderline disrespectful to the fans....If you don't like the player because they are not doing their job...fine.kick em out.If you don't personally like the player, thats fine too, but not recommended at this level of soccer....maybe with athletic!!

Keenanza said...

Eto'o still has a year on his barca contract so he has the right to a bonus exit. "compensation fee"

Eto'o basically just got fire by Guardiola

So Eto'o says, ok, ill go to Inter. BUt you need to pay me the 6 or so Millions of euros i would have earned if i would have stayed here.

noman said...

yeah, is that so ?, then what about 24 mill they paid to buy him, and turn him to one of the best. Wat about all these years salary and huge bonuses ??? he was out for almost a year during injury what about that money ? also he did not perform well in the last stages of rijkaard era how about compensating that ? greedy etoo

Kxevin said...

But then if Guardiola fully discloses his sentiments, as he has done in the past, fans lambaste him for being too forward. The man can't win....anything except a treble, that is.

Good coaches are difficult, single-minded people, and driven to an extent that people can only begin to comprehend. It's also why they often have to mellow, or they have short lives.

Remember Helenio Herrera, of the late 1950s, who rolled in to Barca and pretty much did what Guardiola did: Took a moribund side, whipped it into shape, gave it discipline and camaraderie, and kicked ass.

But he was very intense, and could only sustain it for two seasons, before people used the first chance they got to get rid of him.

And so it goes.

EVERY coach is a control freak. Ferguson would rather see his club not win silver than play in a silly transfer market. It's all part of the game.

Anonymous said...

What if Barça refuse once again to pay the money grabber his "exit bonus" , then what ?

fcbuy said...

Then he won't leave. Barça shouldn't be greedy and give him the bonus he can ask for being thrown out. And if not, they should ask Zlatan and his agent to drop their part of the 50 million fee...

Julian said...

Haven't commented yet, but after the reading the comments above, I won't be.

Shame this blog has lost the family feel it had a year ago.

I imagine I am one of many blog followers from back when this thing was very small who will not be posting until we see a stop to the personal attacks that are poisoning the vibe of this blog and a long way from the mes que un club spirit.

fcbee said...

It's the transfer heat, in September things will be back to normal...

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