Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Barça B - Official: Rayo will leave

Barcelona has yesterday officially announced that Barcelona Atlètic winger Rubén Rayos "Rayo" (23) will leave the club this summer.

The contract of the Spanish player, that expired at the end of next season, has been rescinded. Rayo joined Barcelona last year, arriving from Elche (read more

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Zeli said...

So...5 from 8 players who joined Barca Atletic last summer alreaady left club. What's happened?

pep said...

Good remark, Zeli. It looks like only two of the 7 or 8 players they signed last year will stay:

- Solano: centre-back who didn't play one game last season because he was injured

-Nolito: forward, who only had a secondary role

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