Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Guardiola about current Barca players

At the press conference yesterday, Pep Guardiola informed the journalists on some of the current Barcelona players situation.

He'll renew. He's getting over his injury, he's come a long way and he's very enthusiastic.

He wants to train and it's great for me that he's here.

We might put him out on loan because next season maybe he won't have that much game time.

He'll renew. Carles isn't going anywhere. If he's thinking about moving, he can forget about it. He'll play where he's told because he’s great in all positions.

I've spoken to him and for the moment he's staying.

His role will depend on him. If he's okay he'll play a lot. He's Henry!

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slovan said...

Our squad is razor thin, Pep. We were supposed to increase the depth of our squad. Hopefully, it is done. A replacement for Hleb is badly needed.

per said...


...which is why Gudjohnsen should stay.

fcbee said...

Gudjohnsen is too expensive, that's why he should leave. But thzt's also why he won't leave and just sit out his contract. He's a decent player but for his salary we can get better. He adds too little, Thiago would probably add more.

blaugrana1 said...

i have a feeling the deal with inter on zlatan will include a midfielder for us ,,,i hope so !!! so that they can just fly to london and have a complete squad!

slovan said...

Perhaps he should, but we are still not increasing the depth of our squad which was and should be our objective. And to be honest, Gudjohnsen can never be a credible backup for Xavi and Iniesta which we depend on so much. But I guess we don't have any more money left now after the Zlatan deal, so we just have to deal with what he got and hope we don't get injuries on Xavi or Iniesta.

blaugrana1 said...

im actually surprised that guardiola stated that he does not want a big squad and would like to TRIM his squad rather than make it larger..kinda wierd if u ask me coz we have 60+ games next season!

looks like pep really trusts the youth players to step up this season.

slovan said...

Pep stated that he wanted a bigger squad for next season, for the reasons you pointed out.

blaugrana1 said...

@ slovan..

a few days ago guardiola stated that he wants to trim his squad and he would rather have a smaller squad than a larger squad like chelsea or inter..

luimac said...

I'm really not sure why Barca is looking for a Center Back but wants to loan Caceres. Also, I don't know why would they prefer Guddy to stay for replacement instead of Hleb either. It is true that they are probably not Barca 1st team level yet (ignoring the fact that those two would be 1st team in any other teams). I saw them both play this last season and Hleb > Guddy. Besides the fact that except for the last 3 games, which was basicly the Barca B squad, anytime Hleb went in either made an assist for goal or created dangerous attacks. Guddy on the other hand was kinda lacking. I mean for Pep to want him to stay and Hleb to go.

blaugrana1 said...

Guardiola said in may he wants a larger squad:


A few days ago on the fcb official website he said this:
"After saying he’d like to have 16 or 17 reliable players, Guardiola admitted he preferred small squads: “I don’t want large squads like those at Madrid or Inter”. And he said that if necessary “I’ll nick some players off Luis Enrique” and rely on the Barça Atlètic squad. " - http://www.fcbarcelona.com/web/english/noticies/futbol/temporada09-10/07/n090720105986.html

slovan said...

I don't think he has stated it, blaugrana1. As you say, it makes no sense, especially after what he said a month ago.

blaugrana1 said...

check out the links slovan, i was surprised my self..im really starting to get confused lool

slovan said...

There is a difference between having 30 players and having 22 players though. I still believe Pep wants a larger squad than last year. He has given his reasons for it, and you and I agree with those reasons. We are playing more games than ever, next season. In addition, our opposition may find that the only way of beating the Treble champions is dirty tactics, which could injure our players.

fcbee said...

He wants 16-17 top players. While last season we had only 14 (if we count keita):

Valdes, Alves, Puyol, Marquez, Pique, Abidal, Toure, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, (Keita), Messi, Henry, Eto'o

AmeleTerbiyecisi said...

guddy must go, he cant even run for gods sake !

mansour4barca said...

guys when are we going to sign a left winger when , henry and ibra are not going to work out together , absolutely not like henry eto'o we need a pure left winger , ribery, ashley young, juan mata, these people need to mpve their asses up

Iason said...

He also spoke about Sylvinho. Check the official Barca site.

NouBarca said...

Hes henry. I like that.

tero said...

Seriously,Guddy should go...it would be good to both the club and player..in some mediocre EPL team he would be a star

etoto said...

pep, new picture of messi with his family :D


Anonymous said...

I bet this is the last year for henry in FCB

Unknown said...

fcbee - you are absolutely right that we had 14 players who Pep truly trusted. Your "if we count Keita" line was a bit offensive, however; Keita was the most trusted sub over the course of the season. True Pique's great end to the season makes him a shining star for the future, and Busquets future is bright too, but Keita definitely counts. Shoot, Pep trusted Keita so much he wanted him to play LB in place of Sylvinho but Keita was not comfortable there against a team like ManU.

Sylvinho was 15th but played only one position; Maxwell should fill into the 15th man slot no worries (I think Abidal still starts), especially being able to spell Henry at left wing, which takes wear and tear off of Iniesta.

Hopefully Henrique sticks with the squad as I fully expect, especially if Caceres is loaned out, Henrique is then hopefully your 16th reliable man, and can fill in for RB as well as CB.

Then you get to Krkic and Guddy plus youth players, that is where we can improve with a couple more signings like Maxwell (e.g. affordable, versatile, acclimated to big European football squads). Getting a 17th or 18th reliable player so we don't have to rely on Krkic, Guddy, youth players, or perhaps even Henrique since FCB is a big jump for Bayern Leverkeusen.

anuldusdyret said...

goalkeeper: Valdes

full backs: Alves, maxwell, abidal

Defenders: pique, puyol, marquez, (milito), (henrique)

midfielders: xavi, iniesta, busquests, touré, keita

attack: messi, bojan, henry, zlatan

16(18) playeres. that should be enough. + maxwell, puyol, iniesta, keita are wery flexibel playeres, who can play many positions.
the attack; messi, bojan and henry kan also play all the 3 offensive positions.

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