Thursday, 23 July 2009

Barcelona keeps trying for Chygrynskiy

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is still interested in Shakhtar Donetsk central defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22).

Despite the fact that Shakhtar president Rinat Akhmetov last week made clear to a Barcelona delegation that Chygrynskiy was not for sale (read more here), Barcelona would still have hopes to convince the Ukrainian club.

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would like the player a lot and has urged the club not to give up. Although signing another central defender is not a priority, Guardiola wouldn't want to let this chance slip by.

Barcelona is therefore staying in touch with Shakhtar and will keep on asking regularly about Chygrynskiy. The good relationships between the two clubs could facilitate a deal.

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hawk_barca_4_life said...

barca board and staff esp guardiola likes long hair guys ...p

etoo is going due to this reason

tero said...

Eto'o would look weird with long hair...I prefer Chygrynskiy over B.Alves,he's cheaper too

Anonymous said...

imagine toure or abidal with long hair. I am thankful that I don't hear about that Bruno Alves anymore. besides we already have an Alves, but we never had a Chygrynskiy .

Manolo said...

I think Chygi could be very good.
But dont we have to much young player if we get him?

Pique,Henrique,Cáceres(loan maybe),and then Chygi and what about Muniesa and Botia?

I dont know how much of a talent Botia is but Muniesa could be very good they say.

Another thing is that Pep said that Cáceres would't get so much playtime next season if he would be in the team. So he recomended a loan.
But why do he sign another young centre back then?
And for a pretty high price, like 15+

Athul said...

I thought this guy wasn't too eager for a move to Barcelona

Anonymous said...

i dont get why pep wants to spend around 20 mill for a back up when we already have caceres.... what's the point in loaning out an existing player and buying another one for the same position?
it would be a different issue if he were part of the starting eleven but as a fringe player... i dont get it

barca nike said...

they should buy him as a future replacement for Marquez, they should get him fast because Shaktar is playing in the CCL qualification and if he is registered he can't play with Barca.

Athul said...

Barca should have loaned out Caceras to some Spanish team itself.

He is still young and would continue to improve in these years.

Don't know why we are investing 20 million or so on yet another young defender(however good he is),now that we've got Pique,Caceras,Henrique,Muniesa and Botia.

Would have been probably better off to buy a 27-28 year old for half the price.

Anurag said...

Guys, I'm sorry to say this deal is not happening. Chyrgrynskiy is not too chuffed about a move to Barcelona, he said so earlier. Pep should stop his interest so he does not look desperate to secure his signing.

refter said...

If you have Pique, Henrique, Caceres and Muniesa, you don't need another young centre-back. Unless they don't believe in Henrique and/or Caceres but then they should say so (and admit it was wrong to sign them alst summer). I think Chygrynskiy should only be an option if we sell Caceres to Juve (instead of a loan).

Anonymous said...

we don't need him at all.
bruno alves is the way better option for us though he is expensive.

barca nike said...

official: barca will play Man city in the Gamper.

Anonymous said...

Pep has always had a nose for scrubs...

after last seasons transfer period...we signed Hleb, Keita, Caceres, Henrique and none of them did anything to contribute to the chips.

Anonymous said...

I hope its not the same with ibra :P

jazzy said...

IMO this one is for rotation and the future. Maybe if we buy a CB, we could put marquez, pique, or henrique in DM position when YAYA and keita are in he ACN.
well, its just rumors anyways.. just nice to have a discussion bout it.`:)

Iason said...

Keita was great last year! He never complained when he sat on bench or when he had to play LB or in any other position he didnt like and also scored some crucial goals. His contribution is undeniable. He is also reportedly Pep G. best friend from the squad.

mike in africa said...

not sure why they're non-barca fans who repeatedly accuse keita of contributing nothing during the season on this blog. he's always a hardworker, seldom makes mistakes and although he doesn't always get that much time, he has scored some crucial goals for barca.

Keenanza said...

Mike, you're so right! Idk how ppl can't like the guy, he is like J.S. Park for Man U, he never stops working. and he always does a good job when he plays. He has scored crucial goals too. 2 goals against Villareal home and away. and the last goals in the CL vs Lyon and Bayern, which of course werent that important because the matches were already way in favor of the mighty barca.


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