Friday, 24 July 2009

Caceres looking forward to Juventus move

Asked about the rumours linking him with a loan move to Juventus (read more here), Barcelona central defender and Uruguayan international Martín Cáceres (22) has said in an interview with Italian sports paper Tuttosport that he's looking forward to join the Italian club:

"For me, it's a great honour to be in the plans of such a prestigious club like Juventus. That's why I hope the negotiations between Juventus and Barcelona will be succesful. I'm very motivated to start this new adventure.

My agent has explained me everything about Juventus, about their winning spirit and their attitude of never giving up. And I am also like that, I'm a guy that only wants to win. He also told about Juve coach Ferrara, how he was as a player, both on and off the pitch. I had so many questions, so many things I wanted to learn more about. I repeat: it's an enormous honour to be followed by Juventus, I'm looking forward to a good end to all of this."

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Kxevin said...

The loan will be just the thing for him, and there are few better places for a defender to earn his stripes than Italy, at the top level of Calcio.

I just hope we didn't include an option to purchase for them. I still think he has the goods, but just needs seasoning, a la Henrique.

barca4life said...

Come on Caceres learn well for Chiellini and Canavarro and come back and prove the haters wrong

trez said...

Learn well from Chiellini? Guardiola doesn't want Chiellini-like defenders... He wants Piqué/Henrique types. There will be an option for juve to buy him next summer and they'll use it cause he'll be great in Italy.

Moltisanti said...

Many people don't realize that Caceres will be a great defender, but not a great defender for Barcelona.

He's good until he has to do something with the ball.

I'd rather sell him now or loan him and sell him next year.

AJ said...

hopefully he turns out very good for Juve and they offer us 30mil euros for him. He's never gonna succeed here in Barcelona.

And what's this about Ciro being a player on and OFF the pitch? Hmm...

Anonymous said...

It does include an buy option for 10m euros.. I think its a waste of talent and money if he leaves for 10million euros only, even though he might not fit in at barca.

But on the other hand that's kind of hard to know as he hasn't been given that many oppurtunities to prove himself.

What do you think?

tero said...

He's still young and very talented.I think he needs a season or two regular playing time before coming back...I wonder,would he work as a LB? He's quite fast,but I don't know about his positioning and stuff,he is rather careless sometimes

sashi said...

u never know how he would play if he returns next year. the only way is to take the risk of getting him back next year and using him more frequently or sell him off next year when he moves to a next level.

Anonymous said...

He's just nog good enough, saw him play yesterday.. hope he does well there and juve buys him!

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