Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


Eto'o closes the deal with Inter and puts Ibra in Barça

The Swede will travel in the coming hours to be presented

Zlatan, the most expensive transfer in the history of the club, will sign for five years


Scano814 said...

please be official!!! I'm tired of waiting. I've stayed quiet for the last month but I can no longer wait for closure. I hope that this deal is best for both players and both clubs. I truly believe Zlatan is an excellent striker with the attributes that will not only fit in with our team but will also add a completely new dimension. The only thing I hope is that he improves his defensive work rate (but just look at what pep did to henry last season...!)

Forca barca

Keenanza said...



If it doesn't actually become OFFICIAL today, I will OFFICIALLY give up on Mundo Depor and Sport (teasers !).

Anonymous said...

I Will 2 !

Don Luis said...

Did anyone see America vs Ac Milan?

Serie A is weak. Inter and Milan lost to America, who are have been bad recently and having won anything since 05!

Viva America!

America had 4 player on the gold cup...

Chelsea is next!

Zanel Ibrahimovic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tero said...

How much money we have left after this splash

Keenanza said...

Don Luis,
1. This isnt a Serie A or America board.

2. Those games were pre season friendly and meant ABSOLUTELY nothing.

3. If you think those games were big then youre a mug.

Calm down

Areign said...

i live in foxboro where inter is facing acm on sunday. at this point it seems like theres no chance that ibra will be playing which is hilarious because the advertisements say come see kaka, adriano, ibra, and pato; four of the best players in the world playing right here in gillete stadium!

i guess go pato!

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