Friday, 24 July 2009

Keirrison says goodbye to his Brazilian fans

In an open letter on his official website, Palmeiras forward Keirrison, who is expected to sign with Barcelona later today, said goodbye to his fans and friends in Brazil. The letter reads as follows:

"Dear fans and friends,

After a few weeks of waiting and anxiety, I was happy to receive a call from Barcelona saying that I could travel there to arrange the last details before the signing of my contract with the Spanish club.

I feel that I'm closer to the big dream of my life coming true. When I received the news, I couldn't contain my emotions. I informed my family and then I called my friends at Palmeiras, who unfortunately also had to travel to a game, so it wasn't possible to meet up. I can only thank them, they were always by my side in the good and bad moments.

I thank God for my health, my family for their support, I thank all
Palmeiras fans and the board, I thank Coritiba and all their fans and officials and I can't forget to thank Cene, my first club. I leave Brazil today with a sense of having the duty to honour the shirts of the clubs I've played for.

I know that Europe is different and I will prepare myself to be able to deal with all the challenges in this new stage of my career. I will continue to work to achieve another big dream: to play for the national team of my country.

See you,


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Barca4ever said...

You are more than welcome you are about to join the best team in the world - I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing in our shirt 2010 - 2011

tero said...

He got one fan right here

sho said...

reads just like a letter a higjh school chap would write to his best friend...
bless him


Tohar Investment Limited said...

yeah TERO i am the second die hard fan of k9.thank god he's signed for im relieved of the transfer sagas.i will like him to be loaned to a la liga club and not italy.

Manolo said...

He must be sooo happy.

Every Brazilian's dream.

To escape the poor community and become a pro in a big club in Europe. To make some money and support their families!

he has succeeded and I'm so happy for him, wish him good luck

Unknown said...

Its not gonna be long...infact by the end of the 2010-2011 season he would sucessfully kick out Ronaldo as the new face of Nike.

Good Luck and welcome to the BIGGEST Futbol club in the world and I mean BIGGEST and best.

Anonymous said...

Manolo: How do you know he is poor? Many Brazilians are not poor.

Anonymous said...

^^^Stereotyping(slums of Rio?)

Just like saying all Americans are dumb or India is crowded with snake charmers

Anonymous said...

Ha! There's a sterotype that Americans are dumb? Nice... where's that one come from?

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