Saturday, 25 July 2009

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Zlatan, who will arrive tomorrow in Barcelona, will have a buyout clause of 200 millions

His new team-mates welcome him from London

Chygrynskiy is close

Bojan scores the first goal of the pre-season

Guardiola: "I expect more transfers"


Xaviniesta said...

too bad van der vaart could be moving on soon. would of been an interesting el clasico encounter heh.

SJP said...

"more transfers"? chygr and ??? with the reported money we are spending on ibra then we don't have much money left. mind you after last night i more confident about relying on cantera guys to fill the squad.

ZenI said...

"more transfers" as Hleb is leaving and we need 1 more solid CB. Puyol should be backup for CB and RB, Marquez is not 100% (to many fouls and let's players past etc), Henrique is not yet ready and Milito will maybe never come back to old form. I think we need a CB and CM/DM. We sell Caceres and Guddy = €15 mills' and spend maybe another €30-40 mills' on 2 players

tero said...

"I expect more transfers"

In or out?
I guess we promote some players and maybe buy one or two back-ups

barca nike said...


fcbee said...


But I don't think he can complain so far. He has pushed for Zlatan, so he shouldn't complain if there's no money left now... It's already incredible they have been able to complete Zlatan's transfer.

R10FCB said...

ibra will be great, i think we should go for kolo toure for a next central defender. aparently hes quite cheap at the moment

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