Saturday, 25 July 2009

Hleb will join Inter on loan

FC Barcelona has confirmed on its official website that Barcelona midfielder and Belarusian international Aliaksandr Hleb (28) will join Inter Milan on loan as part of the transfer of Inter Milan striker and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) to Barcelona. This comes despite Hleb being quoted by German paper Sport Bild yesterday stating his intention to stay with Barcelona. (read more here)

Catalan sports paper Sport meanwhile claims that Barcelona will pay for 70% of Hleb's wages while he is on loan, with Inter only responsible for 30%. Sport also claims that Inter Milan would have the option to make the Hleb move permanent next summer for a fee of 10 million euros with 2 million incentives.

Hleb would stay in England until the end of the English tour and return with the club on Sunday Prior to departing for Inter.

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hawk_barca_4_life said...

he was benched yesterday good move for him hope he impresses them and they by him next season season we dont need him really coz thiago , gai , jonathan , sanchez , pedro would have gained enough expeience by then and would be ready for first team .!!!!!!
it should be bye bye to him ... he had skills but could not make it to first team ... even keita was far many times better than him both with attitude wise and on pitch!!!!!

BA said...

there's no way to say it without being crude, so: GTFO HLEB. i hate that we're even paying a portion of your salary on loan.

Anonymous said...

wtf...we also pay 70% of his salary? wow...

Inter raped Barca in this entire deal...because they knew we had no other options than get this done.

tero said...

Go and never come back

Marc4barca said...

anon sport only claimed they would pay 70%. i doubt barca even agreed to that. we would rather have kept hleb than loan him out.

Kevin O said...

I think that there is a bit 2 much bashing of Hleb. Yes his transfer was not a good buy, but he is a world class winger who shone at arsenal (the reason we bought him)..
Can we give him some slack, instead of telling him 2 Gtfo?

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