Saturday, 25 July 2009

Agent Gai confident of player's breakthrough

Pini Zahavi, the agent of Barcelona Atlètic winger and Israeli international Gai Assulin (18), took part in a radio show on Israeli radio station Radio NonStop to talk about his client's passport and national team issues.

Asked about Gai's recent call-up for Barcelona's first team, Zahavi said: "I've been escorting Gai for a year, this is the first time he reaches the first team along with several more youngsters, he is not the only one. There were problems with his permits until he received the passport. Yesterday Pep Guardiola told him he is in the squad for the Wembley Cup and he travelled with the team.

His special qualities are extraordinary ball control with both feet, fast speed, and good game understanding. Let's not forget, he is an 18 year old kid. He will go through a lot of disappointments in his career, like anyone. If he succeeds it will prove that his skills justify his reputation and the role he is designated to, and that will be fantastic. He's a great player who will be important in Israeli football.

I believe Gai has strong character, and he could withstand the pressure. He is a huge talent, you should see how he dribbles through defenders in training and that says it all. Guardiola likes him very much, he knows how to appreciate young players with potential. He was Gai's coach in Barca B so he knows Gai well. It's not easy and you should wait and time will tell. Let's pray Gai will go far, it will be our pride when he reaches Barca's starting lineup. Barca is without a doubt the best team in the world, or at least one of the top three."

Asked the question of which national team Gai will represent now that he has a Spanish nationality, Zavahi assured listeners Gai will represent his home country: "Gai will play for the Israeli national team. Last time Barcelona forbade him to participate in a game. Next time they will realize they can't repeat it. Gai is Israeli in all senses."

transcribed by: Dan R

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Anonymous said...


tero said...

Gai is a great prospect IMO

ej said...

the last thing a YPlayer need is a agent ...

R10FCB said...

by the looks of it he might be backing up henry and messi, with the barca board taking their time on signing players they will probably use youth players for backing up their starting XI. which i think is a great idea.

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