Thursday, 23 July 2009

Barcelona officially confirms Zlatan-Eto'o deal close

Barcelona has officially confirmed that a deal between Barcelona and Inter Milan on the transfers of Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) and Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) is close.

Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver has travelled to Milan this afternoon to finalize the last details of the operation, after Inter officials had informed Barcelona that the Italian club had reached a principal agreement with the agent of Eto'o.

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Anonymous said...

Finally! We get aerial fortitude a foward who can take long distance shots to help break those park the bus defenses.

visiting madridista said...

Finally the culés will never again be able to say Madrid pays too much...

Anonymous said...

We dont say you pay to much, we say you spend money that you dont have!

Anonymous said...



hawk_barca_4_life said...

lol we dont stuff up players and let the old players rot in the team

even though we payed more for zlatan it was not a single deal for us we sold etoo to a club of his choice and got a striker whom our coach and technical staff asked for
not like madrid who chase name and buy players not to make a team but to sell jersey

go and sell ur jersey's it will help to save u 4m ur dept and misery when we beat u in elclassico

Anonymous said...

Zlatan isn't a big aerial threat. How many goals has he scored with his head in Inter? Not many. He is big and strong, and can shield, and hold up the ball well with his strength and technique, this is an asset, in addition to fairly good shot from distance. But to break the bus, we need to focus more on our shooting from midfield and maybe free kicks, and also not play everything through the middle, and instead use the flanks more.

IbraBarca said...

a good day for Barcelona

Carrer de Corsega said...

I have tried to stay entirely away from this Zlatan-Eto'o bickering of the last few days.

Now that it seems official, I just have to say that I thank Eto'o for all the positive things he has done for the club; from scoring goals to bringing African talent to the academy. I wish him the best of luck until the day he faces us. As for Ibrahimovic, he better understand the importance of the logo that will be on his chest and be willing to sacrifice for it. I wish him and our team the best of luck.

ej said...

is it now official how much barca gonna pay ??

hawk_barca_4_life said...

ya thanks etoo for all ur service and dedication to the club and wish u win tittles with inter except champions league

welcome zlatan ibrahimovic ....forza barca forza ibra all the best and hope u socre a hatrick in elclassico and win more than trebles !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ej: It will be somewhere between 50-60m euros plus Eto'o and free loan of Hleb.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ibrahimovic becomes the "designated " penalty taker . None of that nonsense we had last season alternating Messi and Eto'o. Ibrahimovic is also a good free kick taker . He can help Xavi in that department . Guardiola should instruct Dani Alves NOT to take any more free kicks . It is just NOT working for him !!

hawk_barca_4_life said...

@ its not offical transfer yet so i belive nothing abt the fees has been anounsed yet

wht ever i dont care abt the transfer fees just make it official fast and let him join the pre season cant wait to see his first goal in barca colours!!!

ej said...

anon .

messi penaltys , ibra freekicks sound fair for me

hawk_barca_4_life said...

penalty can be take even by henry or xavi or who ever earns it 4m attacking dept

regarding free kicks close range betn xavi and ibra and long range ibra shld def be in the box to ap the ball in

ej said...

Please Answer :

all speak about us needing a LW but bojan and henry cover this what abour RW ?? messi willl need time to rest i dot see pedro cover him well

hawk_barca_4_life said...

pedro , jeffren can cover ...

rem many time bojan played on the right wing to0 !!!!

Anonymous said...

ya and zlatan can rotate on both wings too

Anonymous said...

Pedro for Messi. LOL, that is like replacing a Ferrari with a Fiat!

Unknown said...

True cules ! letz party for the blockbuster season ahead , and it begins :). Let the rampage begin with the super copa !

hawk_barca_4_life said...

we dont want to replace we want sme one to cover .....u cant have in a team two messi's and one will accept sub role ...lolzz .p

barca4life said...

Uhm does anybody know if we can sign zlatan tmrw or do we have to wait for etoo to sign for inter?

Anonymous said...

When the Ferrari is on repair, it is quite embarrassing to drive around in a small Fiat. At least a BMW would be nice.

ej said...

That the main problem , bojan is more LW or CF , henry LW CF , IBRA CF.

i dont see pedro nor jeffren replacing messi in laliga games (somebody need to cover RW before CL Games and in case of injury)

Unknown said...

@barca4life I think the club vice prez is in milan to tie things up about the deal like final transfer fees and terms. It should be done by 2m. They will present ibra on monday and it does not depend on etoo case as it is already closed. Dont go by his stupid agent's comments. check inter milans official website some good details there.

Anonymous said...

i think that they will pay 48m euros

Anonymous said...

Ibra isnt really a lone striker. He is more of a support forward. Look how he played in Inter with Cruz as the number 9.

Anonymous said...

If we have a legitimate left winger Barça would have the deadlist midfield - forwards combo !!

barca4life said...

thanks praths

ej said...

my Dream Barca Team

Tevez --- Aguero --- Messi





Cambiasso (subs toure and xavi)
Hleb(sub ini)

Ono said...

Good job for Inter, they gained much more then we did. Actually, they gained 40 something millions to much.
Galacticos in the making, nice job Laporta. And so, the only thing that we can make fun of Madrid becomes generalissimo Franco

Anonymous said...

This seasons first XI






Unknown said...

@anony ^^^^^
I dont think the starting XI will have alves and maxwell together. Mostly it will alternate.

sho said...

Just saw the training (TODAYS), henry gave an interview, answered questions about Eto & Zlatan. he also answered questions about Cesc. I just love that guy Titi-14 all the way!!!


Unknown said...

So this is it.Goodbye Eto'o,thank you for these amazing years,we won't forget you and we will miss you.Now,welcome Ibra,wish you all the best in barcelona and a lot of trophies.Anyway I hope we don't pay more than 45m because it is unacceptabe to pay more.

Kxevin said...

Yes, it's going to happen! More importantly, though it quashes a few debates on this board, Eto'o's agent, Mesalles, has said any rumors of Eto'o demanding more money just to leave us are "a lie."

Strong words.

Mesalles further says that they are just waiting for us to officially release Eto'o from his contract, which is why Oliver is in Milan (as well as to tie up loose ends) and off we go into a new future.

Best of luck to Eto'o, unless they are facing us in the Champions League, and thanks for all of the goals, grins and being part of a great program.

Mundo Culé said...

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Esperamos que se pasen.


Anonymous said...

@ej nice one man.Tevez 1.69 , Aguero 1.72 , Messi 1.69 your barca dream team is the midgets team.

messiiiiiiiiii said...

not just shorties, but three players who haven't had much success together playing for argentina.

ej said...

messiiii give xavi and ini to argentina and see what happens .

and besides its my dream team ...

Anonymous said...

That team is awful ej!

Look at this team and see how fantastic it is:

Alves - Puyol - Pique - Maxwell

Mascherano - Yaya Toure - Xavi

Messi - Ibrahimovic - Iniesta

That is a superteam, it is impossible for it to get better, it has everything, goalscoring and strength from midfield (Yaya is better in that position than Lampard and Gerrard), it has best playmaker (Xavi), the two best attackers in the world, one short and fast, one big and strong, so they complement eachother (Messi, Ibrahimovic), and the most skillful player in the world (Iniesta).

On the back, we have Mr Barcelona (Puyol), and a world class central defender (Pique) and the two best full backs in the world (Maxwell and Dani Alves), which gives the team great width for bus-breaking).

That is a Dream Team

Anonymous said...

It looks even better like this:

RB: Alves
CB: Puyol
CB: Pique
LB: Maxwell

DM: Mascherano
CM: Yaya Toure
AM: Xavi

RW: Messi
ST: Ibrahimovic
LW: Iniesta

Best team ever. If this team does not win 6 titles next season, there is no justice. It has everything. Two new busbreakers in Yaya's box-to-box role and Ibrahimovic, a new attacking threat down the left wing with Maxwell (or the best defensive left back in the world in Abidal if needed) and the rest of the most skillful squad in the world.

Dream Team 2!

Anonymous said...


dm-marcos senna


Wesley said...

Have the people from this blog fired Kamikaze? I really miss all his articles.

Kambo said...

People say he is on a boat. But people have been saying this for months so I just assume he is dead...

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

ano senna for Toure... you must be laughing not?

Mata what ??? stop drinking!

Iniesta his best place is on the midfield when he can infiltrate the squar!
Not on the left???

tero said...

Maybe kamikaze is someone from FC Barcelona and he is busy making this deal...

Anurag said...

Pep, you know your blog has universal appeal when EVEN madridistas come on it :P :P

Finally its official. how many people creamed their pants??

Anonymous said...

fnly its gonna hpn..v alredy hav anodr dream team in d making..eto'o wil nd shud alwyz b remmbrd as a true barca legend..all d bst 2 him..nd welcm ibra..wel a dream scenario wud b barca v inter in nxt yrs ucl final @ bernabeau..eto'o givin inter d lead nd ibra scorin a double.....wil rly rub sm salt in d wrlds mst expensive advertising agency's wounds..:p

SJP said...

man we got madridistas lauhging at us for spending too much, this guy better be worth it. price seems to vary from 15-60mil so guess we cant be sure. i just hope the total is less than kaka coz if not we will look very stupid.max 25mil cash then i'll be happy, if its anymore he better get 40+ goals and win the ballon d'or next year. either way thank you etoo and come on ibra, make the cules proud.

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