Sunday, 19 July 2009

Barcelona looking for three more players

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that, besides the transfer of Ibrahimovic, Barcelona still wants to sign three more players this summer.

The club would want to strengthen at least three positions: centre-back, midfield and left wing. The priority would be a left wing attacker, although Barcelona could chose to sign a midfielder and move Iniesta more permanently to the left wing.

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Don Luis said...

Xavi and Inieta in the mid. Enuff said

Don Luis said...

Silva or Kun should be main target for left wing. probably next summer...

Eto'o is messing up the deal once again. He wants to be highest paid in the world. This deal could collapse cuz of eto'o again...

Aussie Barca Fan said...

As much as I love Eto'o and he is my fav player, it seems obvious that he is angling for a free transfer next summer. That would seem the only reason he would be asking such silly wage demands from Inter.

The problem he has is that his value will drop allot come the end of next season.

There is no way Barca will play him and rely on him like they did last season. I would think he would have allot of bench time.

This is just a sad situation for everyone concerned.

Anonymous said...

say no to moving Iniesta to left wing...we need to sign a damn wing player...henry and andres are not left wing players, period.

Anonymous said...

guys cmon, enough of the eto'o bashing. he's still a barca player, maybe not for long now but right now he is. he made mistake but obviously he's ready to move on. laporta talked to him and if reports are to be believed its not all about the money. laporta said that, he has no reason to lie. eto'o wants a dignified exit. doesnt matter what happened, i think he should be given that. eto'o wants to be reassured inter will make him a key part of nxt season's project. who wants to feel like your just currency or thing to be traded right? esp him, hes kinda proud, plus i'm sure he doesnt want dinho's situation in milan to happen to him. i think thats fair. lets give the guy a break. hes leaving as guardiola asked.


Murado said...

I am a big barca fan but rlly barca doesnt think they need a good winger well nani is a rlly gd player nd hes still small so he can get btta at barca but barca doesnt think nd dont know how 2 get gd players!... nd ibra's bid a lot not gd i like ibra but the bid is not gd if eto doesnt leave barca hes a hero cause if he doesnt leave he saves barca from paying 40m nd him nd hleb on loan so i dont like the bid nd we should get aguero nani nd mascherano or fabregas.

Manolo said...

We fans cant decide whether he will play up front or not..

Thats up to Guardiola.

If we buy a midfielder Iniesta will move up, if we buy a wing he will stay, if we buy em both we will rotate more.

Just wonder who's the option for the positions..

Ribery would be awsome but he's just horny about Zidane.
Diego who would be a good signing if he signed for us insteed of Juve for 23€
Arteta in Everton (27 I think) would be a great rotate player, better than Guddy. He's kind of a playmaker. 100 times worse than Xavi but he's good.

Crossas? somebody know about him?

U guys got some other options?

Barca nerd-fan said...

1.Veloso, can play CM and DM. Good freekick taker and passer. Also have great technique. 10-14mil

2.Melo, should definitely have signed him before Juventus did

3.Gourcuff, the new Zidane with amazing technique and dribbling.

4.Cesc, Great option but too expensive.

5.Moutinho, great technique and good passer, genuine playmaker.

6.Arteta, great technique, good at dribbling and ball keeping.

7.Manuel Fernandes, good passer and ball keeper, have good strength and powerful shots.

Barca nerd-fan said...

And where's Keirrison gone? Aren't we signing him? Because if we are not, I would like to see Hulk from Porto, He can play in all the front 3 positions(best at CF and RWF) and is hell of a player! Whenever he turns in the opposition's half, he just breezes past players. See what he did to the Man United defence!

Barca nerd-fan said...

Albin from Getafe is also a great option for left winger. He scores and have great technique and dribbling.

Anonymous said...

As much as i love to "have" players like fabregas or ribery or kun or.. I don't want to have too much top players..

1) You can have injuries and suspensions, but there will always be someone on the bench that doesn't belong there..
2) Players need to play, you can let them rest once or twice.. We saw it the year we had henry, ronnie, eto'o & messi: alwyas one on the bench. That person could get into his normal shape.

fcbee said...

Always one on the bench, that's not really true. Ronnie, Eto'o and Messi all three had serious injuries that season, so it was almost never "three on the pitch and one on the bench".

blaugrana_uk said...

Ways happened to the keirrison deal?

ochtane7 said...

As was said we NEED three more players,and they are willing to give away two good men for one unsure.So how could Eto'o mess up anything,its the damn management if u ask me.Wasting time on wants and iffing at our needs.

Marc4barca said...

i'm not to interested in the left wing anymore as the best targets ribery, silva and robinho are all gone. sergio is like 65mil i think and after what happened with valencia our relationship has been hampered so mata too seems impossible. we keep Henry there for another season and have jeffren/gai/bojan/iniesta back him up.

for the CM role i would go for montolivo of fiorentina and defense would be either bruno alves or cordoba(the chances of signing him is very low)

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