Friday, 24 July 2009

Roma also interested in Keirrison loan

Italian sports site Sportal claims that AS Roma is also interested in a loan of Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20), who is expected to sign with Barcelona later today.

Barcelona has announced they want the Brazilian striker to leave on loan next season and Roma, that could offer the striker playing time in a top league, would hope that they can sign Keirrison due to the good relationships between the clubs.

Portuguese sports paper A Bola claims, based upon statements of the player's agent Naor Malaquias in the Brazilian press, that Roma is, besides Benfica, a possible destination for Keirrison.

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Keenanza said...

we should just keep him.

worst-case senario: henry is injured and ibrahimovic is suspended for a big game
then what's our front 3? Messi, Bo, Iniesta?

Not enough fire power.

we need Keirrison for depth. but then again, he wouldn't play too much and be allowed to adapt to European football. so idk. its a tough one.

E said...

A dutch site stated that he would go on loan to FC Porto or Ajax, based on statements of the players agent.

Anonymous said...

we just have to make sure that he bench time for him...he MUST play, otherwise we could justkeep him here on the bench.

SJP said...

would love for him to go to ajax, if not then porto, then benfica. italian league is too negative, needs somwthing akin to la liga if we cant get him to atletico or sevilla.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the italian league looks like the worst case scenario. I'd like him to play in the Netherlands, like Romario and Ronaldo when they landed in Europe.

Zeli said...

Could anyone explain me rules of loans? Can club, which is loaining any player, promise regular playing practice for this player? Or do his appearances depends only on player's skills?

sho said...

He loves footy so much, hes already playing the one ont he barca logo (see pic)

Athul said...

Whats with this Italian connection this season??:-O

Anonymous said...

Any idea on what he is supposed to earn?
2-3 million??

groga said...

I think 2 million gross to start with.

tero said...

I thought he was going to Benfica on loan

Anonymous said...

You mean players sign contract even without specifying the wages?

I thought wages and duration are the two things for which contracts are made.

Whether he is loaned or not doesnt matter

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