Sunday, 19 July 2009

Negotiations with Ibrahimovic didn't yet start

Asked about the reports linking Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) with a move to Barcelona, the player's agent Mino Raiola has repeated in an interview with Italian news agency ANSA that he didn't yet talk with Barcelona:

"The two clubs have found an agreement, now we'll see. As Zlatan said, if there really is a concrete interest, the deal could be done. But I have not yet spoken with Barcelona, I haven't been involved in any negotiation, I haven't signed anything, I didn't do anything so far."

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Anonymous said...

So now there's only the simple matter of agreeing terms with Eto'o, Ibrahimovic and possibly Hleb at the same time.

As soon as an agreement was reached between the two clubs, a rumour pops up about Chelsea suddenly showing an interest. Even though Eto'o has been on the market for ages. And Chelsea will already have to miss Drogba, Essien, Mikel and Kalou during the ACN. Methinks someone is trying to gain some leverage for what could be some very amusing negations.

Marc4barca said...

just some nut job trying to make a headline and sell some papers.

PD said...

how many of you guys feel we are overpaying for this eto'o - ibra swap?? i mean eto'o + hleb + 40million... i hope hleb is worth atleast 10million.. that means we pay 50mill + eto'o to get one striker.. we could have paid 50million for villa and retained eto'o and sold of hleb to some club which is willing to pay for him...

barca4life said...

Uhm we are not selling hleb. we are loaning him. If inter want hleb they will have to pay us 10 million or so for him after this year.

Etoo's value has decreased because he only has 1 year left on his contract and can leave for free at the end of this season. His value is about 10-15 million right now.

So its 40 + etoo = 55 - 10 (inter will have to pay us for hleb) = 45 million for zlatan. Great deal for both teams.

B. Beltrocco said...

Yes we are but, Eto'o does not want to stay, I don't blame him. Remember when last seasons' La Liga started 2008/2009 when Laporta and Guardiola wanted to sell Eto'o right away saying he couldn't make much goals.
Why do you think he scored so much showing that he could. Well now Barcelona didn't want to sell him and now he just wants to leave like screw you guys for saying that now this is what you get.
So we wouldn't be able to retain Eto'o and Villa seem Untransferable. Yea but you have a point that we are paying way to much. Look Ibrahimovic is about 10m. euros more than Eto'o Ibrahimovic is about 65m. euros and Eto'o 50-55 we could've just offerd Eto'o and Hleb because Hleb is about 10m. euros so it would be a perfect offer. The other offer I was thinking of was Eto'o + 10m. euros or Hleb and 55mil euros which wouldn't be a bad offer because Inter wants Hleb because they are desperate for Xabi Alonso but seems like he is Madrid bound. So think about it. I prefer the Eto'o + Hleb offer because we could've saved that 45m. euros for a left wing and they said our transfer budget is 60-80m. euros so we could've also offered for Ribery for about 65m. + a lower class player on a loan.

Marc4barca said...

just went through both real and Barcelona's fixtures and i have to say i'm not surprised by how difficult it looks for Barcelona and how easy it is for real.

it is a lot and at the same time it ain't a lot PD but if paying Valencia 50mil was that simple barca would have done it.

things to consider:

1. if barca had offered 50 for villa valencia could of accepted and that will still leave the case of what will happen with eto as everyone was pulling out to sign him and valencia weren't accepting player+cash deals and wouldn't be able to pay eto'o wages also considering barcelona won't give eto to a rival where he can come back and hurt us.

2. this is more of a theory than a fact, barcelona could of offered the 50mil and valencia would just raise it again as their true intention was to keep villa even going so far as to break a promise made last season, they didn't even accept bids from real madrid and barcelona have no time to waste, you all didn't want barca pull a real and go after one player for a whole transfer so barca got fed and changed.

3. as for zlatan price. if you look at it as a eto fan then yes it is alot because they look past everything and price eto high and rate zlatan poorly. if you look at it as a neutral then they wont care cause all they want is big moves and exciting football. if you look at it a s a zlatan fan then you also won't care what the deal is unless messi, iniesta or xavi(barca fans only) etc was included then that would be a problem. i'm looking at it as both a barca and zlatan fan, killing two birds with one stone, getting rid of the unwanted eto who is worth 15-20 because he has 1yr on his contract, he could easily leave next year for free and we won't get anything and getting a possible bus breaker and equally if not better striker.
People are including the price of hleb but i don't see why, it's only a loan deal and if hleb does sign next year won't that subtract from zlatan rather than add to it cause by that time we could and can get a replacement with the money from his sale and if he plays really well we can always up the price and if they don't pay he'll just come back to us, it's a win win situation. the only way someone can call this a failure is if we don't win anything in the next two years.

4. it's rather to late do anything now as the press conference for villa is already set and if this breaks down then barca is in a world of trouble, not only will we have to pay 36 mil for forlan but we will have an extremely unhappy player in barcelona unless someone comes with a good deal for eto but even so we will be downgrading from a speedy defending forward for a 30year inbox striker. i don't hate forlan and we can still win la liga with him but as for cl he won't be much help and even though we won cl last year we must fight for it much harder than last year.

that's what i think on the situation and as a zlatan fan, bedroom full of posters, three shirts and one of those wallbangers i'm aiming for the zlatan transfer and if it falls out i'll probably go mad.

Anonymous said...

Ibra's agent is trying his best to get a good deal for his client but you gotta love him for says he was interviewed by Marca and he told them that Ibra was not only better than Ronaldo, Kaka, and Benzema...but better than all of them put together.

As if the 6-2 humiliation wasn't enough...Madridistas will be boiling after that...hehehehe.

He also says he's calm about both players reaching an agreement with their future clubs.

Kind of assuring I guess.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

Everyone should know how this is going to end. I'm an eto'o fan, however first comes the club. Even I am resigned to the fact that Eto'o staying is an impossibility. I can imagine what is going through his head right now. Probably something like this "What if I say NO." Then we are back at square 1

B. Beltrocco said...

Hey editors I haev the quote of the day.

"I don't know why Barcelona didn't offer for Tevez. When I play with Carlos in Argentina I feel he understands me. Playing with him in Barcelona would've been a dream come true."

-Lionel Messi

Areign said...

B4l what are you doing with that math? why are you subtracting 10 million for hleb swap? its 55mil+hleb on loan, if they buy hleb then we lose hleb and gain 10 million, even trade. we dont gain 10 million for nothing. what would have happened if we had off loaded henry after the first year?

barca nike said...

if Eto'o does something bad he will not be welcomed in the future so he better leave the club from the front door for his own sake.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

It's a simple case of 'the market' dictates what a player is worth.

Madrid are the ones to blame for this. Are we overpaying?? Perhaps but a precedent has already been set and it will be hard to lower clubs expectations on the true value of their players.

Even Kerrieson who is unknown and untested outside Brazil would not be as expensive had all these transfers not happened. Now Douglas Costa's club want $20 million for him.

The only way to get a player for a reduced or more effective rate is when their contract is close to expiring like we did with Maxwell and now Eto'o.

As long as clubs are prepared to pay stupid amounts of money then we can expect to 'overpay' for the players we buy. The market precedent has been set.

Anonymous said...

@ Areign

You are right, B4L has been preaching that fuzzy math for the past couple of days. Usually, video editors don't make statisticians!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with marc4barca..

I can understand that people are bit scared, because eto'o played a crucial role in our game the last few years.. But same accounts for Ronaldinho & Deco.. I'm not saying it is a perfect deal, but i'm not unhappy..

And for all the people that want Villa "because he is spanish and knows the liga and scored goals there"

Did ronaldinho know the liga? Did eto'o prove he could play with a top side(which ibra did), ibra played in the same system as barca with ajax.. And does every striker in the future be a top scorer in la liga? In that case, good luck because you'll always pay more for a player from another spanish side. Ronaldo in his day hadn't proven anything in la liga either..

Wake up people! We're Barca but that doesn't mean we will everything our way.. We are not the richest club(debts from the past, our lovely deal with unicef instead of big shirtsponsors..).

We don't have the best squad in the world(i mean more than 11/12 players, Real can sell much more than we can)..

These ar all things we have to work with. And which team wants to make the best team in the world even better by selling their best players for a few million dollars.

barca4life said...

Even if we dont get the 10 mill from hleb is 55 million for Ibra. Not a bad deal imo.

TengkuAmir10 said...

IBRA:mirror mirror on the wall,who is the best soccer player of them all??


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