Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Juventus President: Caceres depends on Poulsen

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona central defender and Uruguayan international Martín Cáceres (22) with a move to Juventus (read more here), Juventus president Cobolli Gigli confirmed to Italian television channel Sky Sport 24 that the Italian club is interested:

"It's a player whom we're interested in, it's more than just rumours. But it is all linked to Poulsen and the fact that we have to bring some money in. Our priority is now to get cash in and then we can reinvest that money. Cáceres is only an option if we first sell Poulsen."

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Anonymous said...

it seems like they want to buy him..!!!

tero said...

I prefer loan deal...

Søren Mortensen said...

As long as Poulsen dosn't come here, i'm happy.
I would also prefer a loan, but as I've stated earlier, I don't favor the Juve option.
I don't see how they will use him as a starter, only to send him back next year.

Anonymous said...

what an about a loan deal on both sides???

Paulsen sucks and I hope we don't really pay money for him...he can tackle and is a fighter but he can't play soccer and doesn't have the required skills to succeed here.

Pep needs to calm down on his crap signings...we have had Hleb, Caceres, ....

these guys are not going to cut the mustard on a world class team like Barca.

ZenI said...

I know what you mean anony, a loan deal would be the perfect move. But what if we are not looking for more DMs and also want some cash since we splashed it all on Ibra?

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