Saturday, 25 July 2009

Jorquera willing to listen to offers

Asked about his future, Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30) is quoted by Spanish news agency EFE as saying that he doesn't exclude an exit this summer:

"I have a contract for one more year here and I'm only thinking about Barça. I will nevertheless listen to offers from other clubs, but only when I have the permission of the club."

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barca nike said...

its better for his own sake to leave because he won't play anything this season. Good Luck if u leave

tero said...

I prefer that we promote one of our younger keepers and sell Jorquera.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over the fact that we "chose" to miss out on Asenjo . He was valued at about 5-6 millions . We should have tried harder . Instead Barça caved in to Valdes' ridiculous demands !!

bombastico said...

well i think its the right time for him to leave because Oier and Mino are ready to take his place.

He is just slowing down their development and furthermore his own career.

I like him and do respect him but he has never been a barça material.

lets see how asenjo is going to develop in atlético.
but you may not forget that he did want to be the keeper number one in the squad honestly it was a wise decision of the board to not sign him.

Anonymous said...

I see your point . If I were in the board's position I would have signed Asenjo . We could be missing out on a potentially great goalkeeper . Valdes will always be a mediocre to average goalkeeper !!

fcbee said...

I think Jorquera hopes to stay now and that Barça will then renew him next season, because both him and Pinto will end contract then. With Pinto being older and Barça not going to bring in two youngsters, he probably hopes to get another renewal.

Anonymous said...

Just leave for god sake. The same story every summer from him.

bombastico said...

Totally Agree! Asenjo is defenitely gifted with alot of potentially^^

But lets wait he didn't exclude a Barça move for ever ;-)

jazzy said...

IF it were Football manager i would've bought Asenjo ;) lol..
its just in professional football it doesnt work like that. lets see in 4-5years when Valdes contract is expiring and also Asenjo's in Atletico, maybe we would approach him again.

lawrenzo loves barca said...

this guy isn't good enough and should leave,i prefer oier even to him,we need a goalie who can rival valdes.

barca nike said...

we dont need any golie to rival valdes because he is our #1 GK for the next 4-5 years, we just need a good back-up that can fill in perfectly when Valdes is missing.

R10FCB said...

dont know why guardiola wants 3 keepers, last season he didnt even use jorquera until we won the league. just sell him off so he can get the playing time he wants and just stick with 2 keepers. if one gets injured, use youth keppers.

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