Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Henrique's blog: part 1

Barcelona central defender Henrique Adriano Buss (22) will be evaluating his first few days as a member of the Barca first team during the preseason visit to England.

"We arrived in England yesterday and started working hard on the Bisham Abbey grounds. From the moment we got here we knew we were here to work hard and intensely, because that's the way things are done in the preseason. It is nothing like as hot here as it is in Barcelona, but I am quite used to training and playing in high temperatures because that's what you get in Brasil.

The biggest difference I have noticed is that here at Barca we do much more exercises with the ball. In Germany we worked a lot, especially in the preseason, but it was all about fitness. But here we work with the ball, which is much better for a player; here the training is much more pleasant.

Another thing I've noticed at Barca is the fantastic atmosphere among the squad. The group is tightly knit and everybody speaks to each other. I knew it was a very united squad, but I didn't imagine just how much. We joke around, but when the time comes to get down to work, we work hard and seriously, so I'm really happy to be with this team.

See you tomorrow"


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barca nike said...

just like Alves Diary when he first came

Unknown said...

Good Luck Henrique....I hope you do well for Barca for years to come!!

tero said...

Welcome Henrique! I hope success to your first Barca season

Anonymous said...

I have seen him about 8-10 times here...he played in Leverkusen which is about 30 minutes away from my town.

He is a very humble kid which is good. He never wowed me in Leverkusen but he was never aweful either.

BTW...what the hell is that this team doesn't work on know if you aren't totally in shape, then teams from EPL are going to run over you.

Aeneas said...

and henry's diary the year before..

Jnice said...

Anonymous, we are one of the fittest teams in the world. Did teams from EPL run all over us last year? Nope. We made them chase shadows and they were the ones tired. Don't be fooled by the ball work. Pep makes them do exercises with the ball that allow them to work on their fitness. Do you think Henrique means they just pass the ball to one another?

Unknown said...

I really hope he succeeds well, so that we dont have to shell out a truckload of money again for a CB. Please henrique do well dont be another caceras.

Anonymous said...

did anyone post peps gladiator video for the roma final yet?

if not, it is amazing!

Anurag said...

maxmax, it was posted as Video of the Season or something long back. It truly is amazing.

I like Henrique, seems to be very enthusiastic and humble. I can only wish him a good career ahead with Barcelona.

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