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[2008] The shirt numbers

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that this season's shirt numbers will not be decided upon until the end of the pre-season because the squad isn't yet finalized.

Everything nevertheless seems to indicate that Barcelona right wing attacker Lionel Messi, who is currently wearing number 19, will be the new number 10 after Ronaldinho's exit.

A Barcelona official is quoted as saying: "There's no decision yet, but it is only natural that Messi wears the number ten next season, everybody seems to agree on that without further discussion needed."

Regarding the other players, the paper thinks that most players will keep their current number although Abidal (22) could ask for the number 2, that was worn by right back defender Belletti before he moved in late August to Chelsea.

The new players will be able to choose from the free numbers, with Daniel Alves probably ending up with 11 (Zambrotta), Cáceres with 12 (free), Keita with 15 (Edmílson) and Hleb with 7 (if Gudjohnsen leaves). Piqué is not mentioned.

If Eto'o (9) leaves, the number 9 will be for the new centre forward or for Bojan (27), who will have to change his number anyway to a number between 1 and 25 (which are reserved for the professional players) and could also end up with 18 (Ezquerro).

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona will propose Messi to wear the number 10 the Barcelona and claims that the decision on the numbers could already be taken later today or tomorrow so that every player has already their fixed number before the first friendly game tomorrow.

This is the list of the shirt numbers of last season (the green ones are free at this moment, the orange ones could be free by the end of the transfer window):

1 Víctor Valdés
3 Milito
4 Márquez
5 Puyol
6 Xavi
7 Gudjohnsen
8 Iniesta
9 Eto'o
10 Ronaldinho
11 Zambrotta
13 Pinto
14 Henry
15 Edmilson
16 Sylvinho
17 Giovani
18 Ezquerro

19 Messi
20 Deco
21 Thuram

22 Abidal
23 Oleguer
24 Toure Yaya
25 Jorquera
27 Bojan

30 Víctor Sánchez
33 Pedro
36 Víctor Vázquez
37 Fali
38 Rueda

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1 comment:

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

alves should take the number 2 as he is a right back eventhough nowdays it doesnt matter that much. and we should reserve number 11 for another player not for abidal. Silva if he comes would be nice. or to arshavin anyway to another forward that may join barca. Bojan deffinitly should take number 9 if etoo leaves.
visca el barca.

numbers dont matter that much except for the commercial reasons. but important is the players play to death on the field.

Anonymous said...

Hleb takes number 7.

Anonymous said...

bojan # 7 !!

_ bo7an

cojonudo said...

To be honest, I never thought Messi looked "right" wearing the #19. It's just such an odd and uncommon number. Then again I've always had a preference for even numbers as far as footballers go.

I agree, Alves should take the #2 instead of #11, and Bojan should be the #7 should Guddy leave. Bojan doesn't deserve the #9 - at least not yet. Much like the #10 you have to EARN that number.

Can't wait to get my hands on the new #10 'Messi' jersey and as soon as Alves' number is confirmed I'll be snatching that one as well! Man, can't wait for the season to get underway!

Charlie said...

I'm all over a Messi #10 jersey and another one with whatever number Bojan gets.

djgiovanni said...

I'll take MESSI with 10. The future is here barcafans, MESSI 10 that is so great well I will cross my fingers for that, because who deserves the 10 if not MESSI know with ronnie gone, MESSI is the 10

hamad said...

1. Valdes
2. Alves
3. Milito
4. Marquez
5. Puyol
6. Xavi
7. Hleb
8. Iniesta
9. Bojan
10. Messi
11. (Drogba)
12. Caceres
13. Pinto
14. Henry
15. Abidal
16. Sylvinho
17. Toure Yaya
18. Henrique
19. Piquet
20. (Arshavin)
21. Kieta
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

You guys should already have a MESSI 10 jersey... I got mine last year and everyone would tell me - Ronaldinho is 10... I just say, wait and see, this is the future of La Barca. I could have told you years ago that it was only a matter of time until he got it from O Gordinho! Forza Barca, Forza Messi!

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