Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Barcelona has arrived in England

FC Barcelona's official website reports that the team arrived in London at 5:35 PM, on July 21st. They were led by team vice-president Rafael Yuste on a specially chartered flight. 52 other members of the club joined Yuste on the trip, totaling 28 players and 25 staff.

The team held an early training session this morning at the Sports Centre before heading to the airport. The flight left Barcelona at 4:50 pm and landed at Luton airport just under two hours later. Upon landing in London they headed to the Danesfield House Hotel & Spa, where they will make their stay for the duration of the trip.

The team will conduct two training sessions, one in the morning followed by one in the afternoon, during each of the following two days. FC Barcelona will match up against Tottenham Hotspur on Friday in their first friendly of the season. On Sunday they are scheduled to play Al-Ahly from Egypt.

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cesc1 said...

i think goody will stay for this season.poulsen will also arrive in exchange of caceras.boss doesn't want any expensive midfielder this year as he is counting cesc for next summer

tero said...

Oh man...poulsen is not good,even guddy is better

cesc1 said...

poulsen is backup for yayaa and keita.who expects him to be that good to challenge starting place

Keenanza said...

I'd take Busquets over Poulsen and Keita in that role.

Xaviniesta said...

i'm liking the detailed reports. saves me from having to over to the sites. keep it up :)

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