Sunday, 19 July 2009

Chelsea sounding out Eto'o

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Chelsea is interested in Barcelona striker and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (28).

New Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti would want to play with two strikers and would want to sign Eto'o to play alongside Chelsea forward Didier Drogba.

Chelsea would already have been in contact with the player's agent, who would see the English Premier League club as an option where he can compete for all the trophies. Ancelotti reportedly already wanted to sign Eto'o last season when he still was AC Milan manager.

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villa is the best striker in the world said...

i hope this is true
and eto'o can go to chelsea
that way ibra deal ends
and barça will hunt down david villa with the money from eto'o

messi said...

villa is the best choice for barça
because he is a better team player than ibra
and he knows the primera division

villa is the best said...

fabregas is made for barça
i hope he will join us this year

nabijem sve madriđane na kurac said...

today i read that Domžale will sign eto for 3M.

lol. now searious.

i dont think that we can afford villa with eto money. eto should stay at Barca, for next couple of season. he is the best striker for barcas gameplay.

sorry about my bad english.

f*** this said...

hey pep do you u think imbra will join?

el fuego said...



Yaya Toure
........(i hope thats fabregas)

David Villa
Bojan Krkić

we can won everything with this squad + DM or CM and LW

Anders said...

11th hour news - now when almost all the media has declared the Zlatan-transfer as settled, Chelski buys Eto'o. I surely hope so, and then we can buy Villa. Now it is all up to Eto'o whether we have Zlatan or Villa by the end of this transfer period - but I don't see Eto'o playing in Barca next season after all this negotiations.

I don't think Fabregas is an option anymore for this summer, but instead he could be a key figure in next year's election as a part of the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Villa is gonna have a press conference saying he never wanted to leave Valencia. So you can scratch Villa off the list. Guys the only deal that is worthy is the Ibra-Etoo switch...If Etoo goes to Chelsea and we use that money to get Ibra...we're never gonna hear the end of it from the madrid idiots.

For fuck sake just accept the Inter deal Etoo. You are not wanted anymore get it through your fucking head!

If this Inter deal falls apart i hope this fucker spends his time with Barca B for all of next season.

el fuego said...

if ibrahimovic or villa transfer failed, what means that we will sign just one of them (i am for vila). fabregas is the best option for barca. and laporta and pep knows that.

barca4life said...

Yeah this makes sense because besides

and Drogba

Chelsea want to have etoo missing for 1.5 months during the ACN. How do El Mundo Deportivo know what english clubs want?

Marc4barca said...

i agree B4L only because drogba will be gone as well and chelsea aren't going to rely on anelka and sturridge for 1.5 month especially since January is the most vicious month of the football season, well to me it is.

blaugrana6192 said...

I hope that Chelsea buy eto'o and we don't buy Ibrahimovic. I trust that Pep can form Ibra into the perfect striker for barca, but there are better options. We could use the eto'o money to buy Villa( i hope) or another striker that fits our system better than Ibrahimovic

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