Sunday, 19 July 2009

Milito writes letter to the fans

Barcelona's official website published today a letter of Barcelona central defender Gabriel Milito (28), explaining to the fans how his recovery is going:

"I would like to take advantage of this opportunity that FC Barcelona have offered me to express my deep regret that I will not be able to join my team-mates for pre-season training.

As everyone knows I have been recovering for over a year to return to playing after my injury. Up until now I and Doctor Ramon Cugat and the club's medical services have sought many different paths to find a solution to the problems that I have. Unfortunately, we still have not found the answer that would allow me to rejoin my team-mates and to be completely happy playing again.

Every day I work hard in order to fulfil my desire of putting this all behind me and coming through this complicated situation that I am in because it has been, without doubt, the worst moment of my career and my life. I want to thank the medical staff for the honesty and complete confidence that they have shown in me and they have assured me that there is no reason for me to feel the pain I do to today.

I also want to thank all my team-mates, the coaching staff and all the medics and physiotherapists that have offered their unconditional support on a daily basis. There is no doubt also that I will not let me head drop and I will continue to do everything I can to recover from this.I know that I will overcome this and recover.

Gabriel Milito"

Milito suffered a right knee injury on 29 April 2008 during the second game of the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester United two seasons ago. The predicted recovery time was then being estimated between six and nine months.

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Anonymous said...

back then Real Madrid signed him...and he FAILED the medical check and they said his knees are troublesome...then he played great for a while and everybody laughed at Madrid being stupid...

then we step in and pay 20 mio. for him and right there his knee blows and he is done...sad story to say at least.

even if he comes back, he will obviously not be the same anymore. impossible.

Anonymous said...

Hope Milito can be together next season. Keep Fightin@ Milito !

hawk_barca_4_life said...

too bad for him it seems he still needs time to recover may be six months or so ..after all he had been operated 3 times after his injury ...!!!
hope he recovers fast and srts playing football...!!!

R10FCB said...

hope he dosnt have to retire because of it

Aimar_69 said...

Are we looking at another Del La Red?

course i feel bad for him but yet we need a new DF Pique - Puoyol - Henreque - Marquez

that would be great i guess !

Anonymous said...

good luck gabi.

barca4life said...

What do you guys think about ricardo carvalho? He would be a good experienced defender that we could maybe get on the cheap to replace milito

IBES said...

Hope he can recover and be able to walk without any pain. That's more important than playing right.

barca nike said...

i wish he can recover fast because he is a great and world class defender, i'd chose him over Marquez. Good luck Gabi.

tero said...

no offense barca4life but carvalho is not that good...I hope that milito recovers and can play for us...we have plenty of CB's and Muniesa can be a back-up's back-up in the worst case scenario

Anonymous said...

Damn I have the same thing good luck brother hope you recover soon.

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