Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Guardiola gets to know the new faces

Owwwkay, everyone has arrived, Messi came earlier, the pitch looks fine...
And who are you, the new ball boy of the sports centre?

I'm Henrique.

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Anonymous said...

I think this refers to the fact that we buy players from Palmeiras who Pep doesn't ask for because we have some sort of partnership with them?

downcast97 said...

Pep is more clever than that, i guess he know all people around him :)

downcast97 said...

this cartoon refers to "the policy of loaning out newly signed players"

Anonymous said...

From the press conference, it sounded like Pep don't know much about either Keirrison and Henrique and that they were a decision by the club and not by Pep.

Anonymous said...

but he also said he has good reference from both of them.

Xaviniesta said...


i've seen henrique play. he's very capable :)

sashi said...

nice one.

Milo said...

Come on.. you see a guy like Guardiola to not know who his club signs?

Buss was loaned because we already had 3 non-EU players in the team and that's also why at least one if not both of Caceres and Keirrison has to go now. Henrique may have earned himself one of those 3 spots.

He probably said that in order to maintain neutrality and not to give those players too high expectations. :)

Milo said...

The comic is funny though :))

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